Orikkai Periyava’s blessings to Aurelie

Thanks to Sri Kumar, Vignesh Studios for capturing their experience in this small video. For all of us, we know that Periyava is pratyasham in Orikkai as He chose that place. There are several incidents that devotees have experienced in their lives that are related to Orikkai.

Here is one from a French young woman who felt an unusual experience when she was praying here sometime back and was eventually blessed by Him with a beautiful child. – he is so cute in the video….

Periyava is beyond any caste, religion etc – sarvagnyan, sarvavyaapi, apaara karunamurthi….

I love the way how she says Mahaperiyava….

Periyava paadhame gadhi…..

For those, who do not know how Periyava chose Orikkai, here is the article on that too….(How Periyava chose Orikkai?)

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  1. HE blesses people of this Punya Bhoomi when they are abroad;
    HE blesses foreigners when they are here.
    HE blesses everyone everywhere!

    SarvavyApi! Karunya Murthy!

  2. Mahaperiyava always blesses his devotees.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara.

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