Sampradaya School for Girls

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara – We have been reading Periyava’s Golden Quotes on the importance of adhering to one’s Sampradaya and Aachara for the past several weeks. Periyava has talked about ‘Sthree Dharmam’ extensively, the importance of Sthree’s (Women) adhering to our dharma in Deivathin Kural. Our Aacharya’s are striving hard to propagate that and one of the great things that has happened as a result is a Sampradaya school for girls. This Sampradaya school for girls has been started by HH Sri Bala Periyava in Tirupathi. Pl. watch this six minute video below and see how heartwarming it is to see our girls nurtured in our traditional sampradayam and culture. Not only that, see how many essential skills they acquire in this process that makes them multi-faceted. If you know any parents interested in upbringing their girls in our sampradaya please consider enrolling. Spread this message as much possible. We certainly need more of this, Veda Patasalas, and Ghosalas. Ram Ram

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  1. Excellent initiative! Happy to see our those traditional ladies back in India. A women educated in the home is that the entire family is educated in other means. One more thing, they need to be trained psychological tolerance of family affairs also in their future course of life.

  2. A firm belief in their culture and role as a woman will automatically give them the necessary skills in family life. They also have Sampradaya teachers and volunteers to turn to for mentorship.

    Right now, we need to raise funds to support 60 new applicants for the new academic year. This doubles Sampradaya’s current strength. The cost is about Rs. 80,000 per girl for a year including room, food, school/college fees, clothes, medical, special teacher fees, field trip fees, craft materials etc., Those who can afford to sponsor a girl for a year, (approx USD 100 per month), please do so. The money can be done in full or in part, and donors get a tax deduction for this contribution. Praising an effort alone is not enough, we all need to stand together to make sure that it is sustained, and in the same quality that it started and we do not turn even one girl away.

    Those who would like to help, please contact me at or Lakshmi Mandhata who runs Sampradaya at

    In Periava’s Service,

    Soumya Aravind Sitaraman

  3. Dear Sir, apart from 7 volumes of Deivathin kural, there is a separate book containing Stree dharma in Tamil and English published by Mr. Sridhar, 1 , church st Puzhudhivakkam , Chennai 91. ( phone no.04422425447 , 8807160351 , 7200256789, 8015252859 )compiled by ra. Ganapathy sir.
    The speciality of this book is that its the unprinted portion of the 7th volume. His Holiness Sri Maha Periava ‘s very important discourse in 1984 to the devotees. Every human being of Bharath should read it and get the benefit by implementing them so that the society and country will prosper.
    This book is available in Bhavani Book centre, Mambalam, kalaimagal traders, Mylapore and Bodendral mutt. Govindapuram.
    Name of the book:- CREEPERS OF COMPASSION
    (Sri MahaPeriava’s views on code for women )
    Also in Tamil. Name: Penmai enbadhai kappatra vendum.)
    Publisher’s address. :

  4. A wonderful initiative.
    Way back in the 80s Sri Sathya Sai Baba has started a similar institution at Anantapur for Women (residential) which has grown into a huge Banyan now. All traditional values are imparted along with modern education by the teachers, who also happen to stay in the campus itself.

  5. The difference is that this is with Madi-Aacharam, Aaharam and Alankaaram. The girls learn about traditions needed for vaideeka poojas and observe Bahishtaa Dharma too.

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