Gangai Konda Chozapuram – Lord Brahadeeswara Temple Maha Kumbabhishekam Update

Brahadeeswara Sivan

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Sankara,

First let Adiyen express my immense happiness on the support showed by Sri Periyava Bhakthas for our appeal on this Maha Kshethram Kumabishkeam posted a few days back. Thanks, gratitude, etc. are probably not the right words betweeen Periyava Aathma Bandhus; one is thing is for sure, one gets immense satisfaction and fulfillment when we all come together without any expectations for a great cause such as this. Shri S Ravisankar, our Sri Matam Annabisheka committee member has provided the latest update below along with pictures and news paper clipping on where we are with this temple’s Maha Kumbabhishekam. Click HERE for the earlier post on the appeal for this Maha Kshethram’s Kumbabishekam on Feb 02, which is another week away. Let us all pray sincerely to Periyava for successful completion of this Maha Kumbabishekam.

Update as on Jan 21 2017

The Dwajarohanam at Gangai Konda Cholapuram was  performed as per schedule on 19 th January 2017 by The grace of Lord Brahadeeswara and His Holiness Anugraham.

It’s nearly  after 400 years ,the Kodimaram (Flag post) is placed in position  in our generation by local people along with Sri Annabhishekam committee. Pictures are posted below for Bhaktha’s darshan.

Kodimaram Details

Vengai Tree – From Indonesia 4′ plus diameter throughout about 52′ long.

Transport from Tuticorin Tamizh Nadu port brought by road  to GKC nearly 400 kms.

Seasoned  for 45 days with  Iluppa Ennai , Castroil after chiseling etc by specialist carpenters as per Silpa and temple sastras specified, duly approved by Chief Sculptor T.N.Governor Shri.Muthiah Stapathy.

Total  weight…… 4 Tonnes.
Height…….        48’3″
Brahma Bagam….     4′ 0″
Rudraba Bagam …   39’0″
Vishnu bagam….       5’3″.

Pradhakshinam around temple parkaram lifted by 120  people, Siva vadyams and placed in position by crane after due pujas by Sivacharyas.( can send video on request to Bhakthas).

Entire Kodimaram Ubhayam – A family from Singapore sponsored for this.
The temple Maha Kumbhabhishekam appeal given in Sage of Kanchi response is very good .

We are publishing a photo of old kalasam placed in 1932 in position at 190′ height ,now going to be replaced with new one.

The Tamil publications Dinamani and Daily Thanthi  coverage and publications.
We will  keep our Bhakthas abreast with developments .

Sri. S. Ravisankar – +91 9840133800. (

(Annabhishekam committee and coordinator)

gangai-konda-chozhapuram-1 gangai-konda-chozhapuram-2 gangai-konda-chozhapuram-3  gangai-konda-chozhapuram-5

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