A Plea from Lord Brahadeeswara Temple @ Gangai Konda Chozhapuram

Periyava Karyam


Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

Couple of weeks back we posted about this historic majestic temple Maha Kumbabishekam on Feb 02. This temple was built by the famous Choza King Sri Rajendra Chozha more than 1000 years back. In this great Kshethram Maha Periyava initiated Annabishekam to Lord Brahadeeswara along with Mettur Swamigal 32 years back.It is now after 85 years Maha Kumbabhishekam is planned to be held on Feb 2. 2017

**The Annabhishekam committee finds it  difficult to generate required funds, just 14 days away for Kumbhabhishekam.  The support  and participation of all our Bhakthas and Periyava devotees will definitely see the function is well  done  in dharmic ,agama sastra way dear to our Maha Periyava and our Aacharyas.**

As the Maha Kumbhabhishekam  is carried out after nearly 85 years,the Yagasala pujas are performed over 8 kaalams (4 days) commencing prior to Kumbhabhishekam with 51 kundams,19 Vedikais…

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7 replies

  1. Dear Sai & Mahesh

    You may agree that for any fund raising project of such huge event needs transparency and trust.
    In your earlier posts, you had not shared any account details. Suddenly, now this latest post is asking us to transfer funds to one account which I believe is primarily used for Annabishekam purposes.

    Could you please guide the readers of this post and ensure that this fundraising project is provided with a bit more clarity and consistency on the following fronts? Is there any account or Trust associated with 501(c) exemption to help people working in US to donate and claim exemptions? Does this trust have FCRApermit to receive overseas funds? If the organizers don’t have one, why don’t you consider KGF or any other trusted source abroad to help this event? Is there any account or Trust with 80G exemptions for donations in India?

    Also, please make sure that the organizers not only send receipts but also prasadams and updates of Kumbabishekam regularly. Gangaikonda cholapuram and Udayarpalayam are associated with Mahaperiyavaa and Kanchi mutt for centuries. Hope the acharyas bless them and guide them in the right direction to successfully organize this massive event.

    Ram Ram.

    • Dear Sir,

      You have raised some valid points but I assure you all of this has been done for a few reasons that cannot be published here. We not only gave the A/C # but also a couple of contact numbers who are Sri Matam’s Annabhishekam Committee members established by Maha Periyava. I kindly request you to call Sri Ravisankar (his mobile # provided in the post) and get all the details. Thanks for your understanding. Ram Ram

      • Thanks for your reply. But, please clarify if any US based 501(c) exempted trust like Mahesh’s KGF is supporting this activity. If not, please identify a credible source and help this event at the earliest.

        Also, if there’re concerns in publishing the account details, consider removing this post after Feb 1st.

        Will try to write or talk to suggested contact.

        Ram Ram.

      • Even KGF which is a tax exempt organization supports this activity. However with barely few days to go for the Kumbabishekam it is tough for us to be in the middle, collect funds, and then transfer to India. Remember the funds we transfer to a trust in India should have FCRA clearance, etc. so we gave the Sri Matam Annabishekam committee account # directly.

        Ram Ram

  2. Thanks. I sent a small donation just now.

  3. Dear Sri.Sai Srinivas sir, Ram, Ram …. Mahaswamy Paadha Saranam. Mahaperiava Anugraham ,can we expect any thing better than this coverage ( reminder) to attract the attention of Devotees reading “Sage of Kanchi?” The greatest Kaingaryam is done by your good selves to Lord Brahadeeswara and as Mahaperiava shisya from a far off land. Again we don’t want to say a formal word “Thanks” to you ,but cherish the services by you alway in our hearts. We will keep you informed about further progress. Regards, S.Ravisankar



  1. Gangai Konda Chozapuram – Lord Brahadeeswara Temple Maha Kumabhishekam Update – Sage of Kanchi

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