Need clarification on these photos?

Thanks to Sri Sriram who sent me these photos. Apparently these are from Telugu publications. Other than Sringeri Acharya the other sanyasi, certainly, is not Mahaperiyava. To me, it looks like Sri Ugar Swamigal – I am not sure. I have seen Sri Ugar Swamigal in one or two photos. Maybe Sri Hubli Ramaswamy mama or someone could clarify these photos….Even so, why would someone mistakenly mention as Kanchi Peedathipathi?! Confused….

I have also given Sri Ugar Swamigal photo from the album….

Check Photo album from Periyava’s Satara trip for Satara album


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  1. The last one is surely of HH Mahaperiva, but the the top three are not. Seems to be some confusion. But nevertheless, blessed darshan of Mahangal.

  2. Ugar swamigal with periava in last but not others. Others are also not periava. May be hh odachary Swami who was with periava and sometime saw sringeri swamigal but never travelled with him. It seems some other swamigals and as far as I know from periava yatra of western states there was no meetings of hh sringeri swamigal even during sadas.

  3. MahaankaLukku Namaskaaram! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  4. There has never been such a situation Kanchi and Sringeri Acharyas have met (at least from the time of Pujya Sri. Mahaperiyava), until our Puduperiyava went to Sringeri to discuss Sri Ramajanma Bhoomi matter along with the other 3 sankarAchAryAs. After that one time, there has not been any meeting also.

    There was a possibility of meeting of Sringeri and Kanchi AchAryAs, during Madurai kumbhabhishekam during MahaperiyavAs time, but both of them were in opposite towers of the temple. Typically, any sanyAsi who sees Sri. MahaSwAmiji will have to do namaskAram to Him; this is because of the number of vyAsa PujAs done by a sanyAsi is what determines who is older, when 2 or more sanyAsis meet.

    The swAmi in first 3 pictures certainly is not Pujya Sri. MahaperiyavA.

    My 2 cents…

  5. The 1st 3 pictures, the Sanyasi with rudraksham on the outside is Sri Abhinava Vidya Teertha, guru to Sri Bharati Teertha, paramaguru to Sri VidhuShekara Teertha. All pontiffs of Sringeri.

    My humble pranaams to Sringeri & Kanchi Acharyas.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara
    Nama Parvathi Pathaye Hara Hara Mahadeva

  6. I agree with Sri Ravi.
    I don’t remember seeing any news item about Maha Periyavaa meeting the Sringeri Acharyas.
    ANyhow thanks for publishing these old photos of Sringeri Acharya.

  7. Good to have vibithi alangara darshan on moola nakshatram day. Pranams to MahaPeriawa & charanals.

  8. Is this swami chinmayananda in his young age?

    Or swamy Dayananda saraswathi swamigal?
    Sorry to me it looks like that

    Please correct me if I am wrong

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