Photo album from Periyava’s Satara trip

Thanks to Shri V Sethuraman, our dear friend and a very staunch devotee of Mahaperiyava in Chicagoland, who lend me this small photo album. In fact his mother received this book from someone few days before she left India. When I visited their house, I borrowed it from them – felt bad that she didn’t even get a chance to see them fully – yet kind enough to give them to me. Thank you Sethu.

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Some are very rare photos…

Here is the link to all photos in piacasaweb….

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Most of the photos have been taken from Sri Ekambaram’s great book ,That was a very great book.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the photos.

    Balasubramanian NR

  3. Thanks a ton for sharing such rare pictures. We are all blessed.

  4. Sorry for the spelling mistake, pl. read the first name as “Paramaanu”

  5. “aramaanu, Paratparaa”


  7. Great and very rare photos of Maha Periyava. Thanks for uploading. I wish to point out the release of a great book written by Sri. Ekambaranatha Sastrigal on the Pandaripuram Yathra undertaken by Maha Periyava from 1978 to 1983 in which the Satara visit is also included. Many of the photos are in that book also. Sri. Ekambaranatha SastrigaL is in many of the photos along with Balu Maama, now Sri. Swaminathendra Saraswathi SwamigaL. the book is a great religious literature written with a lot of devotion to Maha Periyava by one of His Anukkath Thondars, Sri. Ekamram. It gives complete details about every place visited. The book is titled “Maha PeriyavaLum Ekaamram aakiya naanum” and is available from Sri. S. Ekambaranathan, Plot No. 65, Third Street, Balaji Nagar, Anakaapuththur, Chennai 600 070 Tel; 044- 2248 1340/ 090945 42172 and priced Rs. 250. Published by Chaitanya Maha PRabhuNama Biksha Kendra, 51, Seventh Avenue,Ashok Nagar,Chennai 600 083 Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  8. Not able to open the album.
    Java script enabled in chrome.
    Kindly help.

  9. Priceless Ones Mahesh.We have read and heard of so many incidents during the Satara trip from 1979 to 1984. Felt iike I also accompanied Him. Filled with Joy I am.

    Is it possible to get bigger sized photos?

  10. I am able to get one more photograph of my Periappa-Vidyarthi Narayanan standing behind Maha Periyava. Thanks for publishing old photographs.

  11. beautiful and rare pics!! thanks for sharing

  12. thanks for the photos,always a treasure and we are all blessed to see them
    as good as darshan of maha periyaval in person
    sarweswaran, karunya moorthy,vishnu,kamakshi MR. MAHESH LET YOUR

  13. Amazing darshan! delightingly delightful! Thanks a lot, sir.

  14. Amazing darshan! delightingly deightful! Thanks a lot, sir.

  15. In several pictures, Mahaperiyava can be seen in utmost comfort in places where none of us would even try to venture. Karatala Bhikshu Tarutala Vasi… Such a Sanyasin is too rare to come across.

  16. Thanks sir for posting this rarest of rare collection of photos. Sri Sri Swaminathendra Saraswathi Swamigal (Poovasrama Sri Balu Mama) seems to be one of the most extrordinarily blessed souls, as he is seen in many of the photos while our Deivam performs Anushtanams. My ananthakoti Vandanams to Swamigal

  17. dear Mahesh ,what a wonderful gift to humanity have you sent a big thanks to you

    • people would be surprised that periava used to ask him how many days leave (Balu swamigal)was working in esi and balu sl just used to smile. there was one occassion when we were only a very few with periava somewhere near satara and balu sl was with periava and suddenly he said ‘oh my amma is calling for water and i have to run to do my amavasya tarpanam’ and ran when periava laughed heartily. on several occasions i had asked balu s as to why he is running between the two he smilingly used to say bhuvakosaram mama!!!!!his devotion to periava is great!! oh, those devotees like mettur who used to get up at 3 am and with that kudam running to waterholes and go on cleaning and cleaning and cleaning until it shines very much and then bringing water with wet clothes for periava etc. are unimaginable. we are nothing before that devotion but periava has a great circle of devotees and perhaps in this material world is ensuring a multidollar……………….. Periavale engalukkellam gathi.

  18. இதை போன்ற போட்டோக்களை காண என்ன தவம் செய்தோமோ!!!! மிக்க நன்றி.

  19. we are much blessed by SRI SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVA TO GET THESE PHOTOS

  20. Such a rare treasure

  21. after i posted it the extraordinary photos giving me darshan and nostalgic feelings came up. thanks a lot mahesh and you have always all the blessings of periava. n.ramaswami

  22. before periavas presence everything goes in order!!!!! These photos are not buffering!! perhaps it would have been ok if just scanned and put. anyway let me try since i have been there almost all through in that trip and mettur(swamigal) has always been the pilot in that trip!!!!!!
    as i had told mahesh earlier i had a photo of puduperiava entering hubli and puduperiava with whom we (managed to)walked was like a calf released running to see the cow! I had told pudu periava that periava is comfortable(!!!!ignorance to be pardoned)at Hubli but still he did not wait for even a second at that small hamlet who welcomed Him with MalarKreedam.
    There is another photo of periava taken immediately after he had put on the first glasses after the operation. i am sure my grandson Venkatramaman would be posting them soon.

    • Mama- I was thinking about you, when I posted these photos…..Not just you – some more people who mentioned that they visited Periyava in Humpi, Satara, Mahagaon etc…I have also provided the link to the web album.

      • strange mahesh, some people came and said that they have seen pictures of me speaking to periava or just leaning etc.i am surprised. i know there is one photographer in Miraj opposite to railway station who has taken a lot of photos of periava in various places like sangli,(where a great incident with a pundit took place. someone must have written it but i still remember when some devotee presented periava with some good coral mala woven in gold, periava worn it for a while and then gave it to a very old nonagenerian pundit who was sitting by his side and explaining some vedanta issue to periava)sanglikarmala etc. and then from satara to solapur,pandharpur etc. i will try and get some if periava willing.

  23. Very Rare must have a look at that Huge Sahasra Lingam Sthapathi who made it wanted Mahaperiyavaa to see this before being installed in Kasi..They brought it all the way to Satara..I hv seen this in Satara but just cdn’t imagine how they lifted in a narrow staircase up and kept it for Periyavaa’s Blessings! Shear FAITH!

    Sent from my iPad Suri

  24. sir is it possible to download this?
    periva charanam

    • Yes, the reason i posted this as an album is for folks in India with narrow-band to see it…typically lots of photos in a post would take a lot of time to load……for each photo, you can still right click->”save image as” and save it to your hard drive…

  25. Treassurs that too very rare, by seeing the Photographs our papas will subside

  26. wow! A TREASURE TROUGH! You earned maha punyam by sharing this with all of us.


  1. Need clarification on these photos? – Sage of Kanchi

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