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Periyava Japam Sketch - Sudhan

Thanks to Sudhan for this outstanding sketch. What an amazing gift he has in drawing!! All Periyava Kataksham…God bless you Sudhan….

In continuation to our consistent efforts to increase Periyava related contents on our radio and to improve the quality of the program, I am pleased to announce the following new programs that are added:

  1. Penmai (11.30 AM to 12 noon – Mon-Sun) – Periyava’s speeches on about women, compiled by Sri Ra Ganapathi Anna has been beautifully rendered by Smt Rajeshwari, Nanganallur. Smt Rajeshwari was introduced to us as someone who did audio version of Ponniyin Selvan for visually impaired people. When we discussed about this topic, she was very happy to do this. This came out so well in her sweet voice. Million thanks to her for doing this…..This program starts from Apr 19th on both India and world stations.
  2. Sankara Charitham (1 PM – 2.15 PM – Mon-Sat) – In Brahmasri Sengalipuram Anantharama Dikshitar’s majestic and divine voice, you can hear Sri Adi Sankara Charitham.
  3. Periyava’s Arul Paamalai Pokkishangal (3.30 PM – 4 PM – all 7 days) – Click here to see the intro about this book. Thanks to Sri Kanjira Ganesh Kumar for helping us in bringing this into audio form.

(Timing mentioned above are both in IST and EST in respective stations).

We are working with other artists to bring more and more and more Periyava / Shankara programs to the radio. Important request to all of you is “please listen to the radio”. Our hard work will not go waste only if more people listen to the radio.

Always in Periyava’s service….

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Feb & Mar every year I go & stay with my bachelor son @ New Delhi, where we don’t have TV. Unlike previous years I was not feeling lonely at all this year after my son went to office, since ‘Periyava Radio’ kept me occupied completely & I always used to say ( manasega thanks ) every day to your team.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara!

  2. Brilliant and thathroopa sketch of Periava.Well done Sudhan..
    The issues and message of Peroyava on Pennmai are plain, forthright and thought provoking
    May Periyava Bless us all in setting things right.
    R Balasubramanian.

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