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Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
Sri Mahaperiyava Padham Potri!

As several of you are aware, this blog is not only to talk about Periyava’s experiences, miracles but also to follow His teachings to whatever extent we could do. Proof is in the pudding – there are so many devotees who have transformed through these contents and are progressing in their spiritual journey. We learn everyday here in this virtual temple of Mahaperiyava.

Periyava had talked the importance of individual growth and also doing various kainkaryam together to support our religion, our culture and dharmic values.  As many of you are aware, together in the past, we conducted raised some funds for veda rakshanam and gho-rakshanam. We created a small FD from the past donations. Through the interest that accrues, we have been supporting Tiruvanaika Patasaa for the past 3 years, we supported Thogur, Kumbakonam nithya-agnihotris on-need basis in the past. In 2014, we had a great opportunity to rescue 250+ native cows and they all are doing absolutely great in the safe hands of periyava devotees. None of these would have possible without guru anugraham and your support.

Motivated by your support , Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation was formed in 2015 to formalize these activities and it focuses on three core goals – veda rakshanam, gho rakshanam and temple renovation. In 2016, I want to resume annual fundraiser through which we can continue our support for these activities. For 2016, I have the following projects in mind.

  • Vaanam Paartha Sivalingam – This is one of Mahaperiyava’s initiatives that was close to His heart. He wanted that we should leave no Shivalingam left unattended. At a minimum, He wanted to build a basic infrastructure so that nithya puja happens to the Lord. Smt Mahalakshmi mami & Sivasri Rajappa Gurukkal have been helping me in identifying such places that is of least expensive. We can’t afford to take up something very big. So, I am working with them on this and hoping to settle down on this soon.
  • Gho-samrakshanam – we need to step-up this area. Currently our support is restricted only to supporting few smaller patasalas that also have cows. Depending on how much we collect from this drive, I would like to explore the possibilities of “rescuing” more from slaughterhouses, which should be our goal. More importantly our native cows….There are 100s of articles on why native cows are superior to jersey cows….Will we ever achieve a state where there would be no slaughters? I don’t know – if Periyava willing, it will.
  • Veda rakshanam – we are picking and choosing the places of support depending on the needs and information we get. We also intend to cover vaidheeka sambhavana during major events at adishtanam, Sri Pradosham mama gruham events, ati/maha rudrams etc
  • Other initiatives that are directed by HH Balaperiyava

Each track deserves lots of funds to do it. Mahaperiyava had always rejected the idea of one major sponsor/donor for any kainkaryam. He always insisted that everyone participates in such dharmic activities – no matter how small/big the contribution is going to be.

With that advice, I request two things: (1) all devotees to participate in this drive (2) be generous in your contribution, if you could. I always use this analogy – we spend 1000s of rupees/dollars in various other things – having parties, eating out, movies, entertainment  etc. While all those are needed for us to live a balanced life, supporting these activities are also equally important – particularly when these are the foundation of our sanatana dharma.

Traditionally, the contribution from India has always been the highest because of the of the reader-base. With this fact in place, I request North American and devotees outside of India also to contribute generously.

Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation (KGF) in US and Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust in India will collect funds. If you want to directly transfer money to Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust, you can definitely do so as they have all RBI clearances to accept foreign funds. The bank details are provided in http://kgpfoundation.org/support.html

Important Request:

  1. Even if you are donating Rs 10, please remember to drop an email  with your name, contact #, amount donated to donations@kgpfoundation.org. This is required for tracking and sending receipts at the end of the drive. Please DO NOT write to my personal id – I am getting 100s of emails and it has become impossible to track them there. Hence, I created the above email account for this purpose.
  2. If you choose which cause you want to support (from the 4 listed above), please mention that in your email AND also in the memo section during your transfers/deposits, if possible.

Last but not the least, not a penny from the donations would be spent anything outside of the intended purpose. All the other activities (Radio, running this blog and other initiatives) and other maintenance/operational cost are completely managed at a personal level. As always, I will continue to provide updates on how the funds are being distributed.

Let us join hands to make a big impact.

Let us pray Kanchi Acharyas to bless us for success in these initiatives.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!!

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  1. காஞ்சி காமகோடி ஜகதகுரு ஸ்ரீ ஸ்ரீ ஸ்ரீ சங்கராச்சாரிய ஸ்வாமிகள் பொற்பாத கமலங்களில் எங்கள் நமஸ்கரங்களை சமர்ப்பிக்கின்றோம் .
    ஹரஹர சங்கர ஜயஜய சங்கர காஞ்சி சங்கர காமாக்ஷி சங்கர

  2. Namaskarams,
    Can I get the full address of the place to which the cheque may be sent in India along with the telephone number of the person? I would like to contribute for. Veda Rakshana.

  3. For the Vaanam partha siva lingam, a group based out of chennai is documenting such temples in their blog. The blog is in Tamil, if anyone could post it in English, it would be a great service.

    For temples in Kanchipuram, one of my friends has documented all Siva temples in the blog below. It also includes Google map locations and the shortest path to cover all these temples…

  4. I am in Dubai and would like to establish with likeminded Periyava devotees. My email id
    ghe7799@gmail.com; mobile 055 154 9472 – Gurukrupa V Kalyanaraman

  5. Dear Sri Mahesh


    With deep pains I am writing this to you.

    During last June 2015, I have captured the Sri Pathuka of Sri Maha Periyava as it is bien worshiped by Sri Ekambaram Mama at his house, who is one of the Adyantha Seva volunteer served Sri Maha Periyava during Sri Maha Periyava Jayanthi. I have also captured other hand written pictures wich was given to him by none less than Sri Maha Periyava Himself. I have shared this picture with you with a reuqest for sharing to devottees… You missed acknowledging the source irrespective of my request and posted it some time later acknowledging one Sri. Sudarshan. You have used this picture at number of locations. This pathuka is unique without any gold or silver coverings and is holy.

    I got a call from Sri Ekambaram Mama saying his pooja room pictures are being posted at number of locations and web pages… He noted it at ‘Guru Pramapara’ site without any note of the source… Pl. note that it was blessed and given to him by Sri Maha Periyava and it is a courtesy to acknowledge him. I am sure it might not be your intention to hurt ‘devoted souls’. If it is KGF or ‘Guru Paramapara’ or any site if it uses or you share with anyone pl. make sure the holy pathuka has a reference to the source.

    Whereever the Sri pathuka picture is posted by you, request you to kindly place the source of Sri Ekambaram Mama, Chennai.

    I have found a commercial selling of the Holy Pathuka Pictures with someone else name placed on it and claiming the ownership of the picture / source, which hurts my intentions of serving Maha Periyava with rarest ‘Sri Pathuka’ picture, which is in his private pooja room, which nobody has taken picture. I have taken permission, and also acknowledged to mama that I have shared with ‘Sages of Kanchi Blog’ and one what’sup group named as ‘Maha Periyava’ at Bengaluru.

    I am sure Sri Maha Periyava will take care and Bless continue to Shower His Grace and Blessings on all of us.


    • Dear Sri Ramanan,

      It was Sri Sudarshan of B’lore who shared that photo to me. I can only thank him and of course Sri Ekambaram mama. There is no way for me to know who gave that photo to Sudarshan. If you had given me that photo in an email and if I have forgotten to thank you, my apologies. I can’t remember whether your email came first or Sudarshan’s. Not thanking you is not intentional – it is only a miss.

      I will take that photo down from my FB page as soon as possible – that is the only place I have it in public besides in one of the posts here in the blog.

      I can’t comment about someone trying to monetize on these. I dont do such things.

      I will talk to Sri Ekambaram mama on this.




      • Dear Mahesh

        I am not expecting you to thank me Mahesh… In fact I have shared it with you in email ( I have a proof) for posting in the blog for devotees… When you posted in the blog and acknolwedged it to Sri Sudrashan instead of Sri Ekambaram Mama, I wrote there itself… Sri. Sudarshan got it from me in what’s up.. Through this incident Sri Periyava taught us not to share any thing which everyone of us are blessed to have a darshan of unique things and worship as individuals

        When Sri Ekamabaram mama called me and shared his feelings, I felt I should bring it to your attention.

        I will be too happy if you talk to Ekambaram Mama as I am sure, even in dream we do not want to hurt anyone’s feeling.

        Kindest Regards

  6. A good initiative for good causes Best wishes.

  7. Is there a periyavaa group in Newzealand with whom i can get in touch? please let me know at thiagarajansridhar@gmail.com i didnt know how to get in touch, sorry for this aberration

  8. Namaskaram! I would love to support. Kindly provide your phone number to speak to you.


  9. ஸ்ரீ பெரியவா சரணம் Sri Periyava Saranam

  10. Periyavaa saranam.

    Thanks a lot mahesh ji., for giving opportunity to all to join the satsung. Will send the contribution.

  11. We are always with you for all the Noble Endeavors. Just name it.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sanakra!

  12. Very noble cause and worth each paisa/penny being spent on such activities as per guidance of Periyavas. Will contribute whatever small offering from our side.. Thanks for giving such opportunities to all the devotees of Periyavas

  13. Dear Mahesh,

    We have sent a small contribution to your account.
    Thanks a lot for providing an easiest channel to participate ourselves in this great Kainkaryam.

  14. Ra Ganapathy somewhere states that Kalavai Chinna Swamy, predecessor to mahaperiyava did his veda adhyayayana at a chidambasram patasala in early 1900s, and that at that time the patasala was popular. i think it was in east car street, where pudu periyava camped in early 70s and did chandramouleeswara pooja for four to five days. if someone can take up restarting this patasala with kanchi mutt / chidambaram podu deekshitar support, periyava @ parameswara will be highly pleased…. kindly let us know….

  15. Pl. Inform bank account no.
    Name of the Bank
    Name of the Branch
    IFSC code.
    To remit directly into the account by giving standing instructions. Whether I.T.80 G benefits are available which will be added attraction.

  16. Excellent noble services from your side. In this kali yuga, at least we are able to witness these traces of divine services and this is the reason that nature is able to maintain its balance to some extent. I will also contribute and up date you. May Maha Periva bless you and your team for a successful life.

    with kind regards,
    Gayathri Rajagopal

  17. Maha Periva Charanam…..Can any one please connect with me on the project “Vaanam Paartha Sivalingam “. I am reachable at 098808-88223. Adiyen Krishnakumar (KK) from Bangalore. My mail id is k.krishnakumar@hpe.com



  1. Update on annual fundraiser – Sage of Kanchi

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