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As you all are aware, the Periyava Radio now has lots of new programs two different stations and a powerful/flexible platform to run. In the past couple of weeks, there was a product bug that was identified that kept the station not to play the new schedule. Now all those issues are addressed and the new programs are running as per schedule.

Here are the following ways to listen to the radio:

  1. iOS – the updated app is already available in the Appstore – Search for “Kanchi Sankara”. Please go to appstore and install it if you haven’t done in the past or update if you have the previous version.
  2. Android – the “updated” app is ready in the appstore – Search for “Kanchi Sankara” and install it if you haven’t done in the past. If you already have this installed, please uninstall this and install the new one (just to be safe)
  3. iOS/Android/Windows/Kindle Fire – Install the app “TuneIn” on your phone (Android/iOS/Windows). After installing, within the app, search for “Periyava Radio” – you will find two stations – (1) Periyava Radio (2) Periyava Radio – World. First station is for India. Make both your favorites and you can listen to the stations. This TuneIn app will work on all phones….
  4. From your computer – Please visit http://www.periyavaradio.net from your computer and click on the player to listen.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

Enjoy the radio!

Keep sharing your suggestions/comments via http://periyavaradio.net (or) email via feedback@radio.net

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!


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  1. Where is the player to click on? I am unable to. Pl. guide.

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