Periyava Radio – Updated with new contents – effective Jan 15th


Wish you all Happy Pongal!

It’s been 3-weeks since the radio was launched. You all heard/hearing the radio, provided lots of feedbacks. We heard your feedbacks and made necessary changes to the basic infrastructure and added more variety to the content to enhance the listening experience for all. With all these changes, we are happy to provide you updated radio from Jan 15th.

We are seeing the listeners from all over the world – listening in lot of numbers. We got several feedback. While we addressed many, there are some that seem to be like puzzle to us event today. Our team is trying to do their best in resolving those problems. We have already pushed the updated app to the appstore. From Jan 15th onwards, you should watch out for app update in the store. Please download the latest app and enjoy the radio.

We tried our first live broadcast on recent anusham. Due to poor internet bandwidth, the whole attempt failed. We sincerely regret any inconvenience it might have caused to you all.

Our Radio site ( will be refreshed with the new program schedule and with other changes effective Jan 15th.

Here are the highlights of our changes::

  1. Dedicated station for Indian time zone and US time zone
  2. Upgraded ourselves to a better provider with more features for us to use
  3. Except for Mahaperiyava speech, most of the other programs have been reduced to 30 mts slots to enhance the listening experience
  4. Introducing following new programs with dedicated slots:
    • Panchanga Patanam (daily)
    •  Adi Sankara Slokas
    • Carnatic Music / Instrumentals
    • Periyava Mahimai by Sri P.Swaminathan’s & Sri Indra Soundararajan
    • Dharma sastram Q&A
    • Mahabharatha Stories for children in English by Sri Sriram Raghavan (Weekend Special)
    • Valmiki Ramayanam by Sri Ganapathi Subramanian (Weekend Special)
    • Vedhamum Panpaadum by Brahmasri Sarma Sastrigal (Weekend Special)
    • Sri Ganesa Sarma’s Dheivathin Kural – starting soon!

While others may not need any introduction due to their celebrity statuses, I must write about Sri Sriram Raghavan & Sri Ganapathi Subramanian as you may not know about them.

Sri Sriram lives in US, an IT professional with a sound knowledge in Sanskrit and a gifted skill in story telling with an outstanding command in English. He has done a great job in these audio and I am sure the kids will stick with him!

Sri Ganapathi lives in Chennai. He is one such blessed soul, who has done personal kainkaryam to two mahans –  Sri Sivan Sar and Sri Angarai/Triplicane Periyava. Sri Angarai Periyava is his guru and he has learnt Valmiki Ramayanam under His guidance sitting under His feet. He has taken lots of notes from Periyava’s lecture days. Taking permission from Mahaperiyavaa Swamigal spent his whole life to the reading and teaching of Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam and Srimad Bhagavatham. Swamigal considered singing the glory of God as his foremost duty and shunned away from money, fame or prestige. Mahaperiyavaa invited Swamigal to come to wherever He was during Gokulashtami and conduct a bhagavatha saptaham. If Mahaperiyavaa listened to Swamigal’s reading of Bhagavatham and lectures for hours together in rapt attention and blessed him with these words – ‘The reading of the scripture was sweet. The lectures were even sweeter. It was mountainous effort from Bhagavathar. He took the trouble and gave us all immense happiness.” we can know the greatness of Swamigal. As many of you know, Sri Angarai Periyava started reading/teaching Ramayanam as per the divine orders of Mahaperiyava Himself. When I approached him with an idea of doing this, he was very happy and supportive of doing this. One thing I can tell you is, listening to this Ramayanam is like listening to Sri Angarai Periyava’s lectures directly as most of the notes are from Him.

Popular vocalist Smt Gayathri Girish, Kanjira Vidwan Sri Ganesh Kumar and so many other artists have come forward to do their kainkaryam by singing on Periyava krithis etc for our radio.

Our sincere thanks to all these great souls who have kindly agreed to share their contents with no hesitation to benefit all.

Thanks to Mahaperiyava’s blessings to this team as the team is energized and new contents are coming our way and we will continue to make changes to the program only for the better.

As always, please feel free to share your feedback, suggestions etc.

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Radio Team

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  1. You may like to add this, in your radio programme, if inconvenient. Azagu deivamai vilangum engal thaayaval Shri Mathurakali, Kanchi Mahanudaya Kula Deivamaval, Jothi Aanaval Parasakthi Aanaval Olikkum Oli serkum Sudarin Sudar Aval, Ambigai Jagadambigai Aval, Bakthargal kurai theerkum Aarumai Thayaval, Santhi Swaroopamai Thigazhum Deivamaval, Than Bhakthar Kural kettu Odi varubaval, Malarumanaval, Malarin Menmai Kondaval, Azhagirke Azhagu Serkkum Anbu Thayaval, Thingal Velli Katchi tharupaval Engal Parasakthi Siruvachur Shri Mathurakali Avai. Om Shri Siruvakshyai Namaha

  2. Pranams. Nice to see the postings in Periyava Forum.

  3. Your relentless effort towards Periyava Radio is commendable and deserves to be appreciated whole heartedly. Let Maha Periva bless you and your family generously.

    I am Gayathri Rajagopal regularly posting articles about my miracle experiences of Maha Periva. Today I am typing this post in one hand is because of Maha Periva’s karunai. I am posting my articles on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On saturday posts, I narrate my miracle experience with Mahaperiyava. The post is authored in the name of Gayathri Rajagopal..You can go through in Periva Forum and send your views.

    My Pongal wishes to you

    With kind regards,
    Gayathri Rajagopal

  4. Good service. Best wishes to the entire team.
    Hara Hara. Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  5. Great service. Lots of things included in the new program schedule. All of us are Blessed. Thanks a a lot Sri Mahesh. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  6. It is a great effort by the team for doing such a wonderful and useful service. Maha periyavas wishes will lead to your success. Happy Pongal.

  7. How fast your team is…. launching , upgrading, and improving such a divine service! While His blessings are showered on your team members, it would suffice if we get a few sprinkles because we are listening to the radio! A laudable service… I have only one thing to say… there are many Ra.Ganapathis in the making!! Its raining thanks to you and your team. Happy Pongal!!

  8. I appreciate and welcome your your passion for continuous improvement .
    Thanks and best wishes to you, your team and the learned contributors and hosts.
    Pongal nal vazhthugal.


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