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Mahaperiyava had talked in-length about renovating old temples than building new temples. For us who are sitting away from action, the best way to see the impact of such work is by looking pre and post photos.

When I was browsing through these two links deeply, I was able to see the happiness, thanking faces of the villagers. Look at how bad this temple was and now with the renovation work!! Huge difference….This temple will continue with better infrastructure for next 100 years easily..It is always delightful to see the happy faces of the villagers at the end of the hardwork. This is what we need to do for our society, for our religion. What can we do to prevent conversion? Support these projects – not all of us can campaign against them – by renovating these temples, we can make the poor, innocent villagers to go back to the temples rather than to the church.  For the Iswaran who has given us everything, shouldn’t we do our duty to ensure that nithya puja and neiveidhyam happens in every temple? Please refer to my previous post (What is Puja?) – isn’t this the best form of puja to Iswaran?

HH Balaperiyava  insists the same point of kovin punarudhranam all the time. On behalf of the blog, I have a sankalpam to take one vaanam-paartha-sivalingam and complete it. I have mentioned this to HH Balaperiyava also. I have also given a petition to Mahaperiyava !!!! Hope my requests are heard. Hope in 2016, together, we can do this!

Disclaimer – I have not given one penny to this temple work. I am simply sharing the photos. So, all credit goes to the donors of this project and mama/mami.

Enjoy the photos!

Sakkudi temple pictures before taking up for renovation

Sakkudi Balalayam pictures

Present status of the temple –

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  1. செஞ்சி அருகே சிதிலமடைந்து கிடக்கும் 950 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முற்பட்ட ஜெயசிங்க சோளீச்வரர் கோயில்…

    ஜெயசிங்க சோளீச்வரர் கோயில்
    ஜெயசிங்க சோளீச்வரர் கோயில்
    விழுப்புரம் மாவட்டம், செஞ்சி அருகே உள்ளது தளவானூர் கிராமம். விவசாய நிலங்கள், மலைக்குன்றுகள் சூழ எழில் மிகுந்த இந்தக் கிராமத்தில் எல்லையில் இருக்கிறது `ஜெயசிங்க சோளீச்வரர் கோயில்’. இரண்டாம் குலோத்துங்கன் காலத்தில் எழுப்பப்பட்ட இந்தக் கோயில் தற்போது சேதமடைந்து, பராமரிப்பின்றி கிடப்பது சிவனடியார்களையும் வரலாற்று ஆய்வாளர்களையும் கவலையில் ஆழ்த்தியிருக்கிறது.

  2. DEAR SRI MAHESH. In my humble opinion, asthigas should help the renovation ofancient Sankara Mutt spread all over the state instead of constructing new buildingsin ultra modern style incurring huge capital and recurring maintenance revenueexpenses. PoorvaCHARYALS ‘ adhisatanams of Sankara Mutt are also to be taken careof. People of Tiruchy are aware how Sringeri Mutt at Srirangam dilapidated conditionfew decades ago has become good religious centre now, thanks to late Sri Ramanarasu,former Correspondent of The Hindu. knswamy,tiruchy

    Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2016 17:51:48 +0000 To:

    • Dear Mr.Krishnaswamy,

      None from Trichy who have experienced the majesty and the glory of Tiruvanaikovil Sankara Mutt can disagree with you. In my opinion the dispositions of the kanchi mutt devotees, frankly speaking, changed post November 2004 – for reasons that most of us are aware. Since then, all the cities and mutts have two kinds of people (a) the ones with true bhakthi towards the guru parampara and want to continue acharya-seva despite of the returns (b) those who envied the mutt for fame, populism, personal and business interests.

      Another concerning thing is that we need good quality middle-aged (35-55) able administrators to be mentored and inducted into such activities. The problem again is a big buerocractic process of mudrathikari appointments and the dispositions/interests of them and their priorities.

      Mutts exist in all cities to spread Sanathana dharma and the teachings of acharyas. They should be preserved and opportunities for frequent visits must be created through regular cultural activities and spiritual discourses.

      For this we need:
      1) A structured activity plan with events across all branches
      2) Fundraising sources – both local and abroad – those who with native alignment to the cities
      3) Social media and online presence with devotee engagement
      4) Mentor, Administrator and Volunteers Network (MOST IMPORTANT)
      5) Platform for spiritual and cultural activities to promote youth development

      I think Balaperiyaal has a great vision towards especially the last point.

      I hope the Tiruvanaikovil Sanakara Mutt also gets attention ahead of the Akhilandeshwari Kumbabishekam.

      Humble Namaskarams!

      • Very good message and suggestions are brilliant! Huge challenge is that, as you mentioned, among the sishyas, there is a section which would like to follow only Sri Mahaperiyava and not even pay respects to Sri Periyava and Sri Bala Periyava as Gurus after the Nov 2004 incidents.
        It is painful to see the photos of Sri Periyava and Sri Bala Periyava being removed from puja rooms in houses and even from temple premises by the Trustees.
        Even more shocking it was to see that, even at the annual Soma Yagam etc being conducted regularly by the families of Kulithalai, Musiri etc, one finds only photos of Sri Mahaperiyava and not of Sri Periyava and Sri Bala Periyava.
        It is very important that younger generation of families of Sri Matam’s sishyas are properly educated and made to realise the true greatness of Sri Matam and Acharyas, otherwise, the next 30 to 40 years at least will be a very painful period


  4. inda mami super woman.

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