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  1. அம்மை நீ அப்பன் நீ ….

    கண்ணில் நீர்துளியுடன் கோடி நமஸ்காரம்

  2. Some religious minded older people , were not liking any children to come near when they were doing pooja )kapam) I have seen some elderly highly religious people, would even take bath again, they had feeling that some child have touched . (Madi becomes vizhuppu) My children would go and sit
    on the lap of my mother when she was performing Japam in the morning. She would
    hug them and continue to keep them to sit on her lap. When some one , tells the child ,, not to sit on paatti’slap while doing Japam,, my mother would say, let them sit. It is Krishna sitting on my lap and listening to my prayers. “How you expect to drive them away…? I have prayed a lot to the Lord to get these children ….and I like them sitting on my lap ..which is an answer for my prayers. I am happy to see that they are so much loving and affectionate towards me “..Andanallur Vedanarqyanan/Kamala.

    • In the nuclear reactor lab, the scientists wear a complete protective-dress – why? If he doesn’t wear that, if accidents happen, he/she may have a negative impact – same goes here. You’re putting time and money to do a puja for a purpose and if you need full benefit, follow the rules – don’t question the rules. If you dont follow the rule, then at least you should say that there was no benefit from the puja.

      My second point is when will the kid ever learn that he/she should follow certain rules ??

      Don’t get me wrong – just because we do not know why we do it, let us not call it superstitious – that is my point.


      • agree 100% with Mahesh. Unless we inculcate these anushtaanams from very early age, these will never stick to the children when they grow. What we see as Vibhareetha tendencies in today youngsters is quite possibly due to the laxity in growing them.

  3. Jaya Jaya Shankara…

    Our Pujya Mahaperiyava teaches us the true meaning of the sloka, “deho devAlaya proktah” through this incident. When you see everything as Brahman, and yourself also as the same Brahman, which is what our Mahaperiyava was, everything He does is pujA.


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  5. Beautiful. Can imagine how wonderful it would have been to actually hear the great Deekshitarwaal narrate this.

  6. கண்ணீர் பெருகியதே…….

  7. humbly beg for a translation sir…..


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