HH with Appaya Dikshitar’s descendant!


I love this photo!

Dikshitar mama is special to me – his interview was the first interview to feature in our blog! Click here to see his interview, if you haven’t seen before.

Arrival at Adayapalam on 28th September 2015.

His Holiness Pujya Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal started from Kanchi after the Vishwaroopa Yatra and reached Adayapalm village at 8.45 pm. Enroute, devotees in Arcot received His Holiness and paid their respects.

His Holiness was received with Purnakumbham by devotees belonging to Adayapalam village led by Justice Shri Ratnam. There was continuous rain from the evening and slightly drizzling when His Holiness entered the village.

Vishesha Harathi was performed at the ancient Kalakantheshwara & Ambal shrines. After darshan at the temple His Holiness was received with Swagatha Patrika read by Srimatam Asthana Vidwan Adayapalam Shri Ramakrishna Dikshitar. The nonagenarian scholar (93 years old), a native of Adayapalam village, and belonging to 11th generation of Appaya Dikshitar Vamsha had come to welcome His Holiness despite his advanced age!

The swagatam was read in Sanskrit. Justice Shri Ratnam (Former Governor & Retd Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh) submitted the Swagata Patrika and Shri Mani submitted shawl & fruits to His Holiness on behalf of the devotees. Many of those belonging to Appaya Dikshitar Vamsha were present. Incidentally it was Appaya Dikshita Jayanthi yesterday and the villagers were happy that His Holiness arrived on this day.

His Holiness gave Anugraha Bhashanam wherein HH spoke in length about Appaya Dikshitar’ s contribution in strengthening Vedic & Shastric studies and blessed prasadam to the assembled devotees!


Thanks a bunch to Kamakoti Peetam for the notes and the picture & Suresh for the share.



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  1. I am trying to get a tamil or english translation of Sivakarnamrutam by Appayya Dikshitar. There seem to be number of discourses in Telugu but no discourse on Sivakarnamrutam in Tamil Can anyone help?

  2. Do you have the link to the Anugraha Bhashanam?

  3. I read a news item in Dinamani Velli malar where a reference about the books of Dikshidar.

  4. Very good for your posting. Able to see and read clearly.RAJA

  5. This is heartening news.
    We must go a step further. Appayya Dikshitar wrote many important works.. Mahaperiyava stated that he wrote 104 works, many of them about Lord Shiva. Though born a Samavedin ( the Veda with which Lord Krishna identifies himself in the Gita), he regretted that he was not born a Yajurvedin, because it contains the Shiva Panchakshari! That was an indication of his devotion to Shiva. This is in Deivattin Kural, vol.1 or 2. (Deivattin Kural lacks proper index. But this reference can be seen in the English translation by R.G.K under the name “Hindu Dharma” – pages 288 and 319.). it is not known whether and where Dikshitar’s works are available. We must make efforts to bring out new editions with translation In English and Tamil. If there is an old copy and they are available for reprint, I am prepared to do my bit.

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