Devotees’ Experience with Mahaswami – Video Series – Adayapalam Sri Ramakrishna Dikshitar

First video is out today! Hopefully I can quickly release other videos soon with Periyava’s blessings…

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  1. it is a wonderful experience of sri ramakrishna dikshidhar and hots off to his beautiful memories about maha periyava. sri dikshidhar is childhood friend of my father bramma sri kalpoondi ranganatha sastrigal and later they become sambandies. my humble pranams and namaskarams to sri ramakrishna dikshidhar–gopalakrishnan k r

  2. Sri Mahesh

    Excellent re-organizations of the web page and great new articles and experiences of Sri MahaPeriyava’s devotees . It feels so heart warming to watch these videos. Also thanks for having a link of picasaweb album, of MahaPeriyavas photos, on the home page (on the top right side) – once again, i really like the way you have organized the contents of webpage.
    Like every other, devotee who visits, the site, i would like to thank you immensely for the service and may MahaPeriyavas blessings be with you for all endeavors you undertake in the future.

    Hara Hara Sankara
    Jaya Jaya Sankara
    Kanchi Sankara Kamatchi Sankara
    Kaaladi Sankara Kamakoti Sankara

  3. Excellent narrations Mahesh, thanks a million.

    • Thanks in tons ,We Pray Maha Periyava to bless your noble cause a lot and give you all more courage and strength to take up more and more work of this kind to enlighten more and more people to draw towards KANCHI KAMA KOTI PEETAM.
      Perumbavoor(Near –Kalady…The Birth place of Sankara Bhagavath Pada)

  4. Beautifull videos…..awaiting for more…..when he describes,it makes us feel jealous of people who where fortunate to spend time with periyava…

    mahaperiyava sharanam


  1. Sri Appaya Dikshitar Jayanthi/Charithram Part 1 | Sage of Kanchi
  2. HH with Appaya Dikshitar’s descendant! | Sage of Kanchi

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