108 divya darshan of His padhukas

108 Divya Darshans of Mahaperiyava

Last year I requested all devotees who have holy padhukas of Mahaperiyava to take a picture and send to Shri Chandrasekhar of Indianapolis. Click here to read. With Periyava’s blessings, he has gathered around 70+ – he still has some 30+ to do 108. If you have not shared your pictures, please do so – send to csvenk1@hotmail.com.  We dont have to stop at 108 – we could keep going till we capture all.

Sekhar – I was thinking about an extension of what you are doing….I would like to have an option of clicking each padhuka and one should be in a position to read about how Periyava blessed them to the devotee – small narration about that incident. What do you think??

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

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