Appeal to all devotees with Mahaperiyava padhuka

108 Divya Darshans of Mahaperiyava

The above is a high-resolution picture that can be printed at large sizes also.

Dear devotees,

In similar to 108 divya darshan poster, one of our readers Shri (Chandra)sekhar of Indianapolis is planning to compile 108 divya darshan of all Mahaperiyava padhukas. What a great idea?! Only great devotees get such ideas…With the help of Shivaraman and others, he has gathered around 40 photographs..He still needs to get the rest. I request all devotees who have the padhukas to take a  photo of just the padhukas (without any flowers and alankaram) alone to him via email. If Periyava wishes his project will be done soon with your help and he will publish the 108 divya darshans here in the blog.

Please send your padhuka photo to Sekhar @



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  1. தென்னாடுடைய பெரியவா போற்றி
    எந்நாட்டவர்க்கும் இறைவா போற்றி
    சர்வக்ஞா சர்வவ்யாபி பெரியவா சரணம்
    மாயப்பிறப்பறுக்கும் மஹா பெரியவா அடி போற்றி!


    SIR please clarify whether miniature padhukas worshipped in adhirudhra maha yagnam at salem during shree mahaswamis jeyanthi will also be photos sent for enrolment

  3. superb idea. Because of him / HIM we can get a glimpse of 108 padukas. Mahaperiyava charanam.

  4. Very good attempt. The posterity will think for while that there was God walking on this earth to bless us. Is it 108 divya dharshan of the Mahaswami or 101?. the heading founding the collection of Mahaswami’s pics it is mentioned as 101.

  5. periyavaa pathame saranam

  6. Thank you for this treasure of all treasures !


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