Ahobila Matam Jeeyar Azhaghiya Singar Swamigal’s Sashtiabdhapoorthy & Pattina Pravesam

I am pleased to share the video of pattina pravesam of the swamigal as part of His sashtiabdhapoorthy celebration. HH Jeeyar swamigal, as many of us know, was groomed none other than by HH Mahaperiyava. Swamigal has given one of the finest interviews to this blog.

Although there are 150+ interviews, I like this interview very much for two reasons (1) Periyava’s kaarunyam towards Jeeyar Swamigal, who we (agnanis) think of different “sect” (2) His  desire throughout not to lose a veda vithu to materialistic world. It is Periyava’s vision that He identified swamigal long back as a future matathipathi and spent enough time, comforted and supported at very difficult times to shape Him as one of the few authorities in Rig veda. It is Swamigal’s poornathvam that He recalls all of Periyava’s karunai in His interview. He sees Periyava as none other than Narayanan ! Only for agnanis, all the sects (iyer, iyengar, madhwa etc ) become visible.

Following text was taken from His life history – Source: http://www.ahobilamutt.org/us/acharya/bio/46jeer.asp

Swamy’s Vairagyam

The acceptance of Sanyasam at his Acharyan’s command at a relatively young age with young family members to support is by itself proof enough of Swamy’s extraordinary vairagyam. However this vairagyam was not a onetime instance due to divine sankalpam. Swamy’s life is full of such instances when he demonstrated vairagyam at crucial times. 

On one occasion, during Swamy’s poorvaashrama days, his Dharmapatni was expecting their fourth child and due to some complications the lives of both the mother and child were at risk. Swamy did what he knew best: recite appropriate Veda mantrams and Kamasikaashtakam slokam many times. Veda Mata never let down Swamy and came to his help at this crucial moment. Both the mother and the child survived.

On another occasion, Swamy was to participate in a prominent Sadas in Ujjain, of leading Vedic scholars from all over India. Only two vidwans from Tamil Nadu were invited and Swamy was one of them. There were expectations of awards, honours, cash prize etc. However the day of the sadas coincided with Maasa Pirappu tharpanam; travelling to the sadas meant Swamy had to forego the day’s tharpanam. He was not willing to compromise and expressed his inability to attend the Sadas! As days passed, Swamy had completely forgotten about the incident. But Veda mata never forgets her cherished son. The organisers of the sadas made sure Swamy received appropriate honours, commendation letter and a cash sambhavanai of Rs. 10,000 (a respectable sum in those days) at his residence. 

Thus swamy led a life of gnana, anushtana and vairagya which were just second nature to him.”

Where does that vairaghyam come from? We all know the answer!!!!

Our ananthakodi namaskaram to Jeeyar Swamigal!

Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

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  1. Namaskaram to jeer swamigal.
    Thanks for sharing pattinampravesham of jeer.
    Indeed he was blessed by Mahaperiyava& now we could imagine how Mahaperiyava s pattinampravesham would have been.

  2. blessed to watch this big event , thank u Mahesh

    • excellent. thanks. sri Jeear swamigal spoke about how he was blessed by Mahaperiava during his poorvasrama days. can you please send that youtube link. i am interested to go through.


  1. Sri Ahobila Madam Srivan Rangantha Maha Desigan Swami’s Upanyasam on Sri Periyava – Sage of Kanchi

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