Outstanding painting of Kamakshi & Periyava

Smt Meena Ilango sent me this last night…I was absolutely amazed at this great picture, amazing details, the 3-D perception given with the help of tiles on the floor and the screen on the wall etc…Ambal is kollai azhagu!!! Effort taken on drawing Her saree is great – I am sure these kind of minute things must have taken her 4 months to complete….Periyava has come out so thathroopam..Color choices are so perfect…..As per Smt Meena, she felt ambal and Periyava as Adisankara while drawing this!!!! What more one needs while doing this….

Thanks for sharing with the blog, Smt Meena…..Do you have any hi-res image of this? The one you sent is good for screen viewing – not for printing….Your drawing is print-worthy…I intend to print this for my swami room….If you can manage to get a hi-res scan of this image, pl mail it to me….

Smt meena – keep drawing….we all will wait for months to get something like this – no problem 🙂

Kamakshi n Periyava 1

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  1. what a grace!.gifted artiste!very nice!.should be worshipped in pooja room.

  2. Dear Mahesh, Thanks for sharing. Your words are very true. May Periyava rain Blessings on Smt. Meena Ilango and her family.

  3. Good picture, but forgive me what is that black line on the upper lip of the goddess.

  4. Beautiful no words to express

  5. Great work!! As mentioned by Mahesh, Ambal is kollai azhagu!

  6. thathroobama irruka ambal, congrats

  7. excellent work. Keep continuing mam

  8. Outstanding!

  9. Excellent

  10. Very nice painting. May Blessings of the Periyava Shower on the artist. to draw more.paintings

  11. Yes ! Amazing output from unconditional devotion towards Sri Kamakshi and MahaPeriava.

  12. Simply amazing level of detail as Mahesh mentioned. Thank You to the artist!

  13. அம்பாளின் அருள் கடாக்ஷமும் பெரியவாளின் மோன திருஷ்டியும் வர்ணிக்க வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை. பாராட்டுகளும் நன்றிகளும்.


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