gho rakshana

Important Message on Kaingaryams

Dear Readers, As you all know, I post lots of different kaingaryam related information on regular posts – renovating old temples, gho-rakshana, veda rakshana, supporting some cause etc. In most/all cases, several people reach out to me to publish their… Read More ›

How about this?

Yesterday I posted an article of Mrs Sadhana Rao and her initiative on cow protection etc. One of our readers, Shri Krishna called her up yesterday to know more and contribute and it seems she narrated an amazing routine that… Read More ›

Periyava among the cows

  The five-day old calf catches the attention even as one walks up to meet Sadhana Rao. Its soft brown coat and liquid eyes capture the heart, which melts when the background is revealed. The mother and calf were rescued… Read More ›