Glass painting of Sar

Found this in FB posted by a group – dont know the artist – it says Anjana on the picture….he/she does glass painting of Mahaperiyava. This time, they attempted Sar – came out really well! Glass painting – dont know… Read More ›

Kshemama Irungo!

Thanks to Sudhan for this rare photo! I think this is part of Satara trip and I vaguely remember sharing this in the past – could be wrong! Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

Monday surprise by Umesh

Umesh surprises us all with this outstanding collage of many themes here..What a brilliant work! Every aspect of this painting is tatroopam….Periyava vigraham on that padhukas is exactly like what I have at my place. The details are simply astounding!… Read More ›