Floral Mahaperiyava Padhuka in Los Gatos, CA


Thanks to Smt Geetha Jayaraman for sharing this information with all of us. It is such a blessing to get Mahaperiyava’s padhukas that have been worshipped by elders for generations. It shows their generations of devotion to Him. Smt Geetha is also very kind enough to volunteer in bringing these padhukas for any puja event locally in Los Gatos, CA area. Please reach out to geethajayaraman2017 at gmail.com to coordinate this. Based on my request she shared this beautiful photo of the padhukas.

Mahaperiyava padham sharanam


I’m blessed and happy to share that I received MahaPeriyava’s paduka (made out of dried leaves and flowers) woven by my husband’s grandmother and blessed/worn by Him. I received them during my trip to India last week. They are now with me in my home in Los Gatos, CA.

I’m more than happy to take the paduka to anyone’s home (locally) who are devoted to Periyava to bless their home. I know how much and how long I yearned to see Periyava paduka and would love to share this blessing. Please feel free to share this email with anyone you may be aware of.

MahaPeriyava charanam.

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