TIME SENSITIVE – Help Save 56 cows in Nadur Govt. Cattle Farm Auction, Tanjore District by Aug 31, 2023

Namaskaram All,

Please see the auction notice below. This was bought to our attention last Friday (Aug 18) which was actually the date of auction and we really had to scamper. Talking to the higher officers in Chennai, somehow we managed to stop the auction which made the local govt. farm officials grumpy as they were desperate to sell the cows and make money. Now that we played spoilsport, they have given us an ultimatum till Aug 31′ 23 and have asked us to pay Rs. 12k per cow and take them away. If we don’t they will auction it again to butchers. Needless to say all these dried and old cattle will have no takers except butchers. FYI, this govt. farm have been auctioning all the old cows to butchers over the past 10+ years.

While we desperately need funds to save these cows, we equally need some clout to help us take these cows from this place after buying them. Inside soruces say, there are local goons who will not allow to take any cows from this place unless we cut them a share, which by no means is a small amount. We don’t want to pay these goons so we are working with a few people to help us carry this mission as it highly risky to land into this farm just with the funds hoping we can rescue the cows. As many of you are aware, first time when we went to Chettinad auction, they were about to abuse us physically before we narrowly escaped. We foresee the risk is much greater here in this place than Chettinad. If you have any contacts regarding this please let me know as it will help a great deal.

We request everyone reading this message help contribute towards saving atleast one cow. Please don’t pass it to others but do your best to contribute whatever you can as every bit helps. Below is the flyer we have put together for this initiative. Please circulate this flyer to as many possible as it will help a great in saving these innocent 56 lives. Please ping me of your contribution and we will account for it.

Rest in the hands Periyava and all of us reading this message.

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam,
Rama Rama

Our Appeal Flyer to rescue the cows. Please spread this flyer to your contacts.

Below is the farm picture and auction notice

Some of the cows below that are going be auctioned. This video was taken by us directly from the farm

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