An appeal from Brahmasri Anjaneya nityagnihotri Sarma

Few days back, I posted an invite from Sri Sarmaji about the yagnam he is going to do in Kasi (Adhika mAsa special yagnam in Kasi). Subsequently he has also shared a video appeal for the same.

In today’s economy, there are uncertainties for all of us and that have a direct impact on dharma karyams. Unfortunately, one of the donors who originally pledged to cover a good portion of the expense has backed out in the last moment. However, all vaideekas have reached Kasi and the event has to go on. It is quite an unfortunate situation that Sharmaji is facing. Pl try to support him if possible and also attend the event if you are going to be in Kasi during this time.

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. dear Mr Mahesh, I have just now transferred Rs.1000/- by Bank transfer. Being a retired person, out of my pension transferred this small amount as a squirrel did for Rama. Hope all other devotees pour in and ensure there is no fund shortage.

  2. How do we donate? Please share a link.

  3. Namaskaram- if we can create a master link to all these sites requesting donations- interested parties can do a one click donation- My wife and I would be glad to help create the site if volunteers are needed. Just a suggestion. Thank you. Sundar.

    • I am not following your suggestion. Are you suggesting to create a new site?

      • Sri Sundar R garu might have been refering a QR code or UPI link for donation. I have checked that the Dendukuri Subramanya Sharma has Google Pay, hence donors can pay straightaway to his mobile number that is 9701352582. Pl. use this number.

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