Why Mahaprabhu Jagannath has no wrist or fingers?

Twitter find. Don’t know the accuracy of this or pramanam for this.

Even God needs to confront outcomes of Karma.

When Prabhu Ram concealed himself behind a tree while Bali and Sugreev entered into a fierce fight, he shot an arrow killing Bali. Bali didn’t bite the dust quickly, talked with Prabhu Ram kept his head on his lap. Bali told to Prabhu that you killed me in unreasonable conflict.

The following are the two unfair means that you adopted:

1)By taking cover behind a tree.2) By pulling an arrow with those fingers.

I have 2 wishes:

1. May both your palms vanish
2. Since I’m the king of this area and I dealt with each lifeform like a father, the tree who shielded you from my sight is similarly at fault for killing me.May that become a very much bitter tree and so unpleasant that no one eats any part without whining of its harshness.

Prabhu Ram held the tree & said “In Kaliyug when individuals will continue to call you as a bitter Neem Tree,similar to present time u sheltered me, I will protect u by making my own Body from ur trunk. As vowed to Bali,I won’t have palms or fingers,I’ll end my hands at my wrist.”

That is the reason Mahaprabhu Jagannath doesn’t have palms or fingers and is comprised of Neem wood.

Jai Jagannath Mahaprabhu 🙏

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