Enough funds received for Chettinad auction

Namaskaram All,

Our heartfelt thanks to all for your generous contribution and support. There are many Periyava devotees in this group for several years and they have been part of our Gho Matha efforts over the last many years. Thanks for the trust on us by making several generous contributions which is nothing but Sri Periyava Krupai. If we are honest and sincere in what we do, Bhagawan definitely shows a way. Please do not send any more funds for this rescue purpose.

We now have enough funds to take care of this rescue (I’m including the ones who have committed and yet to receive). We don’t need any more funds, unless someone wants to rescue more Gho Mathas from slaughterhouses, which we do periodically.

First payment of 11 Lakhs has been paid to govt farm director:

Will start posting the pictures and videos from the farm, right from getting hold off the cows, boarding them in around 8-10 trucks and their safe transportation all the way to Vellingiri Gosala, Coimbatore. The travel time takes around 20 hours so we need to have a few stopovers to feed the cows.

Stay tuned.

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam,
Rama Rama
Jai Shriram

Note – There are few fraudsters we have come across who take our appeals and we are in the process of finding out more. Stay tuned!

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  1. Good to hear you have raised enough money to save cows. At the same time it is disturbing to hear the people who introduced are part of the scam. Please publish their names as soon as possible for us not to become victims of such frauds. Nowadays, it is hard to trust anyone. Maha Periava will protect. Thank you

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