Time Sensitive – Chettinad auction – May 17, 2023

Posting this on behalf of Sai Srinivasan.

About 120 cattle are going to be auctioned if there are no interests from ghosalas. It seems like there were poor response from their earlier appeal and this is the 2nd appeal. If there are no takers, then they will be opened up for all and will be taken to slaughterhouses. Last date to rescue them is May 17th – just 7 days from now.

One of our readers/donors has come forward to match the donation for this rescue – meaning if we get $5000 dollars he will put $5000 (as en example). Our sincere thanks to this donor for his timely help.

Note – Recently we have been going through some challenges in sending money to India due to some policy changes that happened in India. All the funds we are trying to transfer are bouncing back. We are working with banks on both sides to resolve them. Given this is an urgent need, doing direct transfer to India would be very helpful.

Just to give an idea – each cattle would cost roughly Rs 16,000 ($200 USD).

For donation details, pl visit https://kgpfoundation.org/support

Any questions, pl let us know in the comment section.

Sharing both English and Tamil letters.


Cattle Auction Letter

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  1. Hello I see only Tamil letters attached.
    What is the total amount still needed? To which account?

  2. Hello, I see only Tamil letters attached.
    What is the total amount needed?

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