Acharya Swamigalin Upanyasangal – Kalaimagal – 1957-58

Thanks to my friend Sriram who shared this with me. I love old books – this book made my day. Particularly the intro write-up by Sri Kee Vaa Jagannathan – every word is golden – pretty much all our feelings too about Periyava. The actual topics are same as deivathin kural topics, which we might have read many times.

Don’t miss.

Periyava Sharanam

Part 1 – Download
Part 2 – Download

Acharyaswamigal Upanyasangal-Part-1
Acharyaswamigal Upanyasangal-Part-2

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  1. Maha Periyava Saranam. Thank you very much for uploading these invaluable books.

  2. I am not able to download.Can any one send this PDF to me by e mail please.I am much eager to read this great book.Please help me. tgranganathan@gmail.Com

  3. I read somewhere that Ki. Va. Jagannathan could not print some of his eminent books. Does anybody know more? ,Are the manuscripts available?

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