Annadhanam Appeal for Ganga Pushkaram @ Haridwar from April 22 to May 03

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara,

Please find the detailed invitation of Ganga Pushkaram @ Haridwar from Apr’ 22 to May’ 03 HERE

I would request you to all reading this post to consider contributing for Annadhanam @ Ganga Pushkaram. While doing Annadhanam itself is great Punniyam, doing at the banks of Ganges and that too during a Pushkaram when all the holy rivers reside in Ganga Matha the Punniyam multiplies manifold.

Adiyen has attended Cauvery, Tamirabarani, and Brahmapushtra pushkarams and have seen in close quarters the many number of sincere devotees and sadhus wanting to take a dip at the holy river and also take part in Annadhanam. One should consider it a great privilege to be part of these rare kind of Annadhanam initiatives.

India account details

Name – Sri Mahalakshmi Charitable trust
A/c no. 074010100631839
Bank – Axis bank
Branch – Ramapuram, Chennai 600089
IFS Code – UTIB0000074

US Donor Details

Folks who want to contribute in USD can contribute in any of these contribution options provided in the link HERE and send a note to

Sri Periyava Thiruvadi Sharanam
Rama Rama


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