Periyava Ghosala – Infrastructure Update

Thanks to several of you for contacting us to show your support to my earlier post. We also received your donations. I want to provide you some update on the infrastructure component. When Sai gave me his estimates earlier, they were based on keethu kotta as the roof with uneven ground for the cows etc. I was not a big fan of that – I want to do this once and do it right. I asked Sai to put all metal roofing and even surface on the ground. The original estimate for the infrastructure was 2 Lahs but now it is 6 Lakhs.

Following are the work to be done/completed:

  1. Enhance the existing cow-shed that already has metal sheet – nearly done
  2. rebuild cow-shed for injured cows – to be started
  3. Rebuild shed for calf and the adjacent cows – to be started – one kind sponsor has taken up this work

With Periyava’s blessings, we have received one sponsor for calf and cow shed entirely and other contributions that have covered the rest. So we are all good on the infrastructure. Please consider this post as an update and going forward Sai will provide update as the work gets completed. Our ETA to get all these done is 30 days or so. Hopefully before peak summer, the cows will have better sheds.

Sai – pl ensure that the quality of the work is not compromised. We are not building a 5-star home for the cows but they should have decent sheds that prevent them from sun/rain etc.

Once again, our sincere thanks for the support and will keep you all posted.

Periyava sharanam

For #1, here are the photos of the work started – I asked Sai to add an exhaust-fan to improve the air circulation

#2 Shed  for  injured  cows  –  work  to  be  started

#3 Shed for cows and calf – work to be started


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  1. Suggest aluminium auto exhaust circulators on top of roof like industrial sheds. That may exhaust hot air inside sheds. Consider if feasible

  2. Wonderful update! Very glad to know, thanks. Are metal roofs suitable in hot summer months though?

    • True Kanchipuram district is known to be very hot in summer. These are not asbestos – these are made of some other material. To avoid heat, we have decided to put exhaust fan in all sheds for better circulation. I am not an expert in this area. Sai can comment on this.

    • Asbestos generates a lot of heat but these metal sheets don’t radiate as much. As Mahesh mentioned we are planning to put some exhaust fans to further alleviate the heat. Rama Rama

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