Periyava Ghosala – Adoption Update


As I have mentioned in my initial post, the highest priority for me is to ensure that we have sufficient plans for nearly 200 cows that are with us now from maintenance perspective. From the adoption standpoint, we need additional support from you all to ensure that we can feed them for next 12 months.

As it stands today, here is the adoption status:

  • Cows Adopted/Total –  48/132
  • Calves Adopted/Total – 22/51

What this number means is that we need  Rs 3 Lakhs/month to cover rest of the ghomatas. I have created a small dashboard on the main page of the blog on the right-hand side top. I have requested Sai to update this on a weekly manner so that we all are aware of the status.

In contrast to many ghosalas, Sai is taking additional steps to assign a specific cow when you adopt. You can name that cow, that cow/calf will be marked with your/children name and you will get photos/updates about those cows on a regular basis. You can see them when you visit Ghosala etc. Sai is maintaining a database to do this. While this is too much of additional work, this is being done to create a level of intimacy with the cows you adopt.

If you wish to adopt a cow/calf, please reach out to Sai on next steps.

As always, our sincere thanks to all of you.

Periyava sharanam

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  1. I really appreciate Mr.Sai’s efforts to send the cow’s picture and letting me name the cow. It does make the adoption personal and can connect more with the cause.

    Periyava Saranam

  2. I will adopt a calf. I will remit by bank transfer shortly.

  3. The cost of maintenance, feed price increase, labor , medical expenses are huge – without donations – its impossible to maintain cows /calves. I am experiencing on daily basis significant surprises in our gosalah – though green grazing , feeding with locally grown fodder grass , last year we spent nearly 2.86 L . Please support Sai on this mission .

  4. My comment has been sabotaged by WordPress and now I see it has been posted after I started writing this.

  5. My comment has been sabotaged by WordPress

  6. Om namah shivaya. Though I could share on twitter, FB share was sabotaged.

  7. Hi Mahesh, thank you for the update. I’d like to adopt cow/calf/both. Can you please share Sai’s email? Feel free to send me a direct mail. We have connected in the past.

    Geetha Jayaraman.

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