My visit to Sadguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Manimandapam, Vazhur

Smt Mahalakshmi mami invited me for the kumbabishekam that happened last year but unfortunately I couldn’t visit India at that time. Fortunately, I was blessed to visit Vazhur to get darshan of Mahan last week. We went to Vazhur from Chennai and from there we came to Kamakshi Amman temple (exactly 45 mts) and went to adishtanam to complete our trip.

The road trip from Chennai to Vazhur was not bad – it was smooth for most part. There were few areas where they are laying new roads. Vazhur is certainly a very small town but this manimandapam stands majestically in that town. Candidly speaking, I was expecting a much smaller temple but I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful this place is. Inside the temple, it is so peaceful and Swamigal is pratyaksham in that place – a perfect place to sit and do dhyanam and receive His blessings.

The main Sannidhi glitters with the brass plating all around it and words can’t describe how majestic Swamigal is sitting inside. I personally loved the panchaloka vigraham of Swamigal sitting outside – so beautiful. Someone mentioned the significance of the photo behind that vigraham but I forgot what it was – aging problem!

The tulasi madam behind the Sannidhi is a must-see. Folks who know Mahan’s history would know the significance of that.

Temple is extremely well-maintained – so clean. The folks who are in the premise are so cordial. The guest house that was built by the side of the temple is absolutely beautiful – so clean well-maintained. We did not have any need to use that place except for restroom.

Although there is someone who takes care of the puja on a daily basis, I am told that the committee is working on finding a Gurukkal on a permanent basis soon.

I originally thought that mami was trying to understating the distance from Sri Matam and this place but in reality this is “just” 45 mts – exactly too! I strongly urge all devotees who are visiting Sri Matam to spend another 45 mts to go to this place, sit and pray to Swamigal to receive His blessings.

I sincerely thank Smt Mami in helping me to get a good darshan.

Since I was accompanying my 92-year old father I was unable to take many photos. Here are some…

Sadguru Sri Seshadri Maharaj ki jai!!!!

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  1. Thank you for giving us a blessed darshan.

  2. Thanks sir for giving us Mahan darshanam and Smarani . Ram Ram

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