Sri Krishna Yajurveda Ghana Parayanam – Tiruvaiyaru

On behalf of Sri Sharanagatham Trust, I am sharing the invitation for the 30-day Ghana parayanam starting on the auspicious Mahaperiyava’s jayanthi day.

Attached fliers have all the needed information. Please attend the event whenever possible and receive the blessings of Veda Mata. Please extend your support in whatever way possible.

Mahaperiyava Padham Sharanam

Mahaperiyava Jayanthi 22 mahotsav - En
gana parayanam-Ta

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  1. I just now made my humble contribution of Rs.5001/- [Rupees Five Thousand and One Only] towards this function. I will be grateful if the organizers can let me know via e-mail of facilities to stay over there for which I will pay separately. Sri Mahaaperiyavaa Willing, I will be there beginning the 27th onwards [26th May being my beloved father’s sraadham].

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