Atirudram 2022 by Sree Ramakrishna Bhajana Sabha – May 16-28, Bangalore

Thanks to Sri Lakshminarayanan for sharing me the invitation.

On behalf of  Sree Ramakrishna Bhajan Sabha, Bangalore, I am very pleased to share the announcement of their plan to conduct atirudram in May 2022 with the blessings of Sri Periyavas of Kanchi.

It is astonishing to know the facts behind this Sabha – it was started in 1951 but was formally registered in 2002 and since then they have been successfully doing weekly satsangs without any break – these only exhibit the sincerity and dedication of the trustees and anugraha of gurnathas. They not only do satsangs but also various other charitable activities – annadhanams, providing support for needy, promoting Sanskrit and Kannada as local language etc with the help of devotees, satsang members and philonthropists.

The specialty of the Sabha is the performance of “Abhinayam with Vesham” where the members dressed up as divine characters and enact the songs being sung during the Satsang. People of all ages participate actively in this special program. This visual treat creates a powerful impact in the minds of devotees.

As always, please extend your support when it is time!

Please visit (or) contact the office bearers in the flyer for any questions/details.

We wish this organization all the best to make this a grand success!

Aunm Nama Shivaya!

Jai Gurunath

High Level Activities involved

1 160 Vedic Scholars are expected to  participate in Athirudhram 2022 for a period of 11 days (12 Ganams x 11 People including Rudra Homam) + 16 people for Chathur Veda Paraayanam, 12 people as backup.
2 80 Vedic Scholars from Bangalore and  the rest from outside Bangalore (Sringeri, Kanchipuram, Palakkad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Chidambaram, Mathur and Shimoga) are expected to Participate
3 We plan to buy and give 2 sets of Dhotis, Panchapathram set, Aasanam, Vibhoothi, soap etc to all the Vedic Scholars.  In addition, Mat, Bedsheet, Pillow to outside Bangalore Vaideekas
4 We must arrange Boarding and lodging for 80 Vedic Scholars coming from outside of Bangalore nearer to the venue for a period of 12 days.  Also, we need to plan for stay arrangement to 50 volunteers for a period 16 days who are expected to come for service from outside Bangalore
5 Vehicle requirement for picking up Vedic Scholars early in the day to the venue and drop them back to their stay location
6 Approximately 1500 devotees are expected to attend daily program during Athirudhram on normal days and close to 2000 devotees during the weekend.  We need to provide Food, Coffee, Snacks to the devotees attending the function for all the 16 days.
7 Reception committee to be established to receive the Vedic Pandits, devotees coming for the function & give them adequate comfort for all the 16 days.
8 Approx. 80-100 volunteers required per day to oversee the Vedic scholars during Athirudram pooja (Decoration of Ganam,Abhisheka Dravyam, Vedic Samaradhana etc),also managing the Annadhanam for general public, Parking of devotee’s vehicle, travel plans, Prasadam Distribution, Receiving the artists, arranging the stage, cleaning the place, removal of Nirmalyam flowers, removal of Annadhanam Garbage daily etc,
9 Providing food to the Underprivileged homes, Old age homes, Blind school, Deaf & Dumb schools in and around Bangalore (approximately 5000 inmates)
10 Major Items required for Annadhanam per day :Rice -200 Kgs, Sugar 50 Kgs, Dal 50 kg, Milk 300 Lts, Gas Cylinders 12 Nos, Coconut 300 Nos, Vegetables, Food plates 2000, Ghee & Oil etc.
11 Major Items required for Pooja per day: Pure Cow Ghee 15Kgs, 150 kgs fresh flowers , Jingely Oil, Coconut 150, Pooja vessels 14 sets, Wood logs 100 Kg, 500 Cow dung cakes etc
12 Vehicle arrangement for Senior Citizens attending the function from Parking location/Domlur Bus stand to venue and back
13 Cultural programs include: 8 days with Discourses, 2 days with concerts, 6 days Bhajan programs.
14 Program coverage through Television, hoarding @ prominent locations (2 months in advance), Prime new papers, magazines.

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  1. What was the total expenditure for Athirudram 2022?

  2. Rama Rama 🌺

    In any major events, 80:20 rule proves true.

    The core expenditure will be 20% of the total outlay. Peripheral expenditure consumes 80%.

    The facility planning array is vast.

    The percentage of soap, vibhuthi in pie chart will be infinitesimal.

    Rama Rama 🌺

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