New series – Digital coloring on Mahaperiyava’s photo by Aravind


Aravind Kumar has started a divine project of taking all b&w photos of Mahaperiyava and adding colors digitally. I don’t know what tool he uses for this – like Photoshop, Lightroom etc etc.He has already done quite some pictures – I have seen them many in FB…They came out very well. Personally I am a big fan of b&w photos but adding color also adds more beauty! Based on a suggestion, I have requested him to share them in our blog also – he was kind enough to do that for us. Pl expect posts from Aravind on this series.

Thanks Aravind for doing this project.

Periyava Sharanam

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  1. Maha Daiva Karyam….. Maha Periva Pari Poorna Anugraham Praptirastu!

  2. Hope the colour doesn’t take away the historical value of the order final b & w.

  3. Aum this is very very great Thanks , really absolutely original color

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