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Dear readers,

It was brought to my attention that many think that I am one of the admins in the Facebook Sage of Kanchi group. I believe there were few members quit this group recently and have mentioned my name as admin etc – I dont know the details etc on that….I am not the admin and was never in the past also. I thought I would clarify this and made a post in that group, which was rejected by the admin, which is fine by me – he is doing his job. However I need to do my job in ensuring that there is no wrong assumption about my role in that group. Except for this blog, I do not own or play admin in any other group, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. In Twitter I have a handle called “Periyava_blog” – all posts that are published here are posted there as well.

I also quit that group as of today to keep things easier for me.

Periyava Sharanam!

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  1. That group has become more of a nuisance and creating unnecessary disturbances and divisions in the minds of the devotees. Panchanathan Suresh, as owner and admin, is doing more damage to that group with his arrogance than creating a platform for devotees of Srimatam to coordinate. Thanks to that group and a lack of participation from the admins, people are foolishly discussion all foolish and irrelevant and divisive discussions and even to the extent of ignoring the Srimatam and also are mentioning “Mahaperiyava devotees” instead of saying “Srimatam devotees”. That group is one of the biggest causes for all the wrong reasons!

  2. This is the basic fault of the Brahmin community which always shoots itself in its legs. All are egoist and are Sivakumar’s to the core. Good you left that place Sir!

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