Brahamarendeswarar Kovil Kumbabishekam

Today Sai had posted with the invitation to kumbabishekam of Brahamarendeswarar (Uchivadi) on Feb 14th. It is a very important temple that is not known to many. In the yogic, tantric and in all paths in sanatana dharma brahmarandram is considered as the crown of all chakras – sahasra dhala chakram. jiva-brahma aikyam happens at brahmarandram only. Brahamarendram is guru’s peetam too. When  kundalini sakthi travels via sushumna nadi it reaches brahamarandram to let the amrutham flow and take us to the state of samadhi. Without guru’s blessings and proper guidance we can’t even awaken the kundalini – let alone reaching to the crown. With brahmarandeswarar’s blessings, we should all aspire to do meditation and achieve the state of samadhi in our lifetime.

To symbolize this, when sanyasis attain siddhi, they crack open the brahmarendram although many have become jivan muktas.

It is a great blessing that mami is organizing this kumbabishekam. Devotees in and around this temple should attend this kumbabishekam and all should support in whatever way possible.

Periyava Sharanam


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  1. जय जय शंकर, हर हर शंकर

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