Attention – US Donors

This post is specific to US donors only. Earlier in 2021, we requested you to mark the memo field “General” for a reason. Thanks to all complying to our request.

Starting 2022, please go back to how you used to write the details and feel free to mark the intended cause you are donating for such as “Veda Rakshanam”, “cow rescue”, “Temple support” or “Feeding the poor” etc. Pl do this for all channels – checks, PayPal, Zelle.

Thanks for your continued support.

Periyava Kainkaryam Team

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  1. I am looking for a Sastrigal to do Shraardhan for my mother on Feb 15th 2022 in St.Louis, MO. Can you guide me?

  2. Namaskaram i want narayaneyam in telugu word split slokas

  3. Namaskaram, can anyone have Srimad Bhagavat ham upanyasam of Sri Krishna premi Anna, if possible can you share

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