Thirumazhapadi Yajur Veda Parayanam – Feb 8-17

Thanks to Sri Venugopal for sharing this invite. The sthala puranam is very amazing. Besides, the tradition of conducting veda parayanam has been going on 170 years as per the material I received. Without divine blessing this is not possible. I am from Dalmiapuram – few kms from this temple – not sure if I have been to this place. Nevertheless, I will do my piece of contribution.

All details are in the flyer. For any questions, pl reach out to the organizers.

Aum Nama Shivaya!

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  1. 08 January 2022, 5.35 p.m.
    I just now transferred a sum of Rs.5001/- [Rupees Five Thousand and One Only] into the TSVY Vedaparayana Trust Account No.6847678286 IFSC: IDIB000T166. I shally e-mail my mailing address for receiving the Receipt and Prasadam after performing my Sandhyavandanam. Thank you.

  2. Dear Mr. Raja, I am Ramadoss, one of the organsers of this Veda Parayanam. Can you tell me during which years Divyanamam and Seetha kalyanam were conducted ? To my knowledge they were never conducted for Veda Parayanam purpose. If our forefathers have conducted them, it will be a useful information to me. Regards…K.V.Ramadoss (

  3. I had been to couple of times to this temple and this Veda Parayanam being my cousin sister’s in laws family peple are conducting this every year.
    One must visit this temple such a beautiful temple. Generally you can see the Somaskandar in metal vigraham. Here it is made out of stone. such a beautiful carvings in that vigraham.

  4. Mahesh,
    I remember my father and several of his colleagues performed Divyanamam and சீதா கல்யாணம் following on weekends to collect dhravyam for the event. We used to visit தாப்பாய், poovalur, Angarai, தின்னியம், மாந்துறை, Bhikshandar Kovil, பாண்டமங்கல Agraharam etc. Our பக்தவத்சலம் வாத்தியார் used to co-ordunate.🙏

    • Quite possible..we had greatly devoted folks in our colony back then.. unfortunately I was too small and was not part of many of these things..thanks for kindling the names of surrounding places.

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