51 Akshara Sakthi Peetams

Since Sri Raghavan is writing about sakthi Peetam, I thought of sharing the index of akshara sakthi peetams collected by Sri Jabalpur Nagarajan mama long back. Sakthi Peetam list often a debatable one – in some list you will see many places in Tamilandu. Some may say that Kamakshi Amman Kovil is the only sakthi Peetam. Nevertheless, here is the list I got from mama’s book.

Aum Sri Mathrey Namaha

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  1. I need this book

  2. Ram Ram
    I love to get this book to read .I was looking for this book online, but its either out of print or not available.
    Do you have scanned copy of this book or where can I find it.
    Ram ram

  3. I don’t see kamakshi Amman listed in his sakthi peetam list.

  4. Where is this book available?

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