Orikkai Periyava & Sri Pradosham mama by Umesh

Thanks to Umesh for another brilliant work! I love his creativity in beautifully composing messages/themes! Perfection to details is stunning!

Thanks Umesh for this wonderful work and sharing with us.

Periyava Sharanam….Sri Pradosham mama Sharanam!

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  1. Hi Mahesh

    Ram ram Periyava Sharanam

    Hope you are using the same email id – sageofkanchi@protonmail.com



  2. Really great creativity

  3. Kavi vasthram looks real
    Excellent work
    Mahaperiyava arul kadaksham

  4. Maha Periyava lives with us and HE is sarvagnyan. Think about anything Periyava will make it fructify.Faith is the only Manthra Keep telling Amma Appa Narayana HE will come in every animate and inanimate thing.

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