Experience of Pudukottai Advocate Sri Srinivasan Iyer with Mahaperiyava

My father hails from Tirughokarnam, near Pudukottai. He lost his father when he was barely 5 years old and was brought up by his uncle Brahmasri Malayappa Sastrigal in Tirughokarnam. I have seen sastrigal many times when we do yearly visit to Pudukottai but I was very small.  For a long time, I was thinking in the back of my mind that Sastrigal must have had lots of interaction with Mahaperiyava but was not sure. My father told me that he was acting almost like a mudrathikari for Pudukottai. Few days back, out of boredom, I was looking for some book to read and I picked up one book written by Dr Shyama Swaminathan titled “Kanchi Mahanin Karunai Alaigal”, which I somehow have it with me. She is the granddaughter of advocate! Randomly I flipped some pages and landed into an article about some advocate in Pudukottai. I started reading few pages and pleasantly surprised to see Sri Malayappa Sastrigal’s reference in that book. I scanned those pages for my father (91 years now) to read it easily about his mama and also about his native place.

When I read the whole article, the whole experience was so divine. Advocate was such a blessed person who had spent so much time with Swamigal. Some of his interactions with Periyava is quite funny and humorous. Thought I could share with you all. I hope Dr Shyama wouldn’t mind sharing these few pages. If it is a copyright issue, I will take down this post.

Long back I have written about this book in this blog, if I am right. Regardless, here is where it is available…You can also contact Dr Shyama at s-shyama2000@gmail.com / 9941387193.


Periyava Sharanam!

Experience of Pudukottai Advocate_Srinivasa_Iyer


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  1. Please give English translation Sir

  2. Mahesh Garu, you are, no doubt, such an ardent devotee have come from such a pious family. Maha Periva Paripoorna Anugraham with you and your all family members, indeed.

  3. Periyava saranam 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. Mahesh …You hail from a very good family attached towards Shri matam !
    That is why you havve become an andernt devotee of Mahaperiyava & doing Sat kainkaryams through this blog !
    Really happy & proud of you always !
    Periyava sharanam !

  5. What a fantastic narration! Hara hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara!

    Sushima Shekar

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