Temples in Tiruchirapalli Need Your Help!

This effort is driven by Smt Archana, who hails from Trichy and very passionate about taking up projects in Trichy. Please show your support to Smt Archanaji to make this project success.


There are thousands of kovil-s nestled in the very rural and interior parts of Bharatam that have been neglected over time. These grammam kovil-s are reminders of the past glory, spirituality, culture and traditions and are an important connector to our future. Unlike the major kovils like Tirupati Balaji or Pazhani Murugan which receive natural patronage because they are kula devatas for millions of people, these unknown graamam kovils have been left out due to the neglect of the governing bodies and lack of funding. Our acharyas have constantly reminded us of our dharma to protect and preserve our kovils for the benefit of society, especially for future generations.

Shri Periyava recently blessed devotees with two opportunities to participate in kovil kainkaryam – building a madapalli for a perumal kovil and renovation of a mariamman kovil – both are ancient temples in a village called Nagainallur in Tiruchirapalli.

Nagainallur is a small village of about 6000 people nestled by the river Kaveri. It is the ancestral village for many families especially for those who belong to Haritha gothram, some of who regularly perform annual family rites to the deities – Periya Andavar(Shivan ), Madurakaliamman and Mallikarjuna Sivan.

Sri Neela Devi Sri Bhooma Devi Sametha Sri Lakshminarayana Swamy kovil is said to be about 400-500 years old. It is badly in need of upgrades to the inside and outside of the kovil, pillars, tulasi madam and the compound wall. Most importantly this kovil needs a madapalli so neivedhyam can be prepared on premises and offered to perumal with all the necessary sanctity as prescribed in our shastras. The project is estimated to cost $9,000.

According to the vaikhānasa āgama the nivedana vastu has to be prepared with diligence and attention. Our texts alert us of the pāpā-s that accrue if a stone, a hair or a worm falls in it by accident. Bhrgusamhita says that the cooking must be done only at arcakā’s home or at the temple maḍapallī itself. Vaikhānasa āgama also forbids having food from outside in a temple.

द्वितीयावरणे प्रोक्तमाग्नेय्यां पचनालयम्  ।
अर्चकस्य गृहे वापि पाचयित्वा निवेदयेत् ||
अन्यगेहे तु यःपाकः तद् भोज्यं राक्षसं स्मृतम् ॥

The perumal kovil project will be done in three stages as below:

  • Stage1 : pradakshina path around the kovil, gopuram repairs, tulasi madam repairs, built-in seating for seniors/disbaled, clean up and whitewash of garbha gruham and other parts : $1985 ( Rs. 1,39,000 ) – Completed
  • Stage 2 : madapalli with water and electric supply : $3648 ( Rs. 2,70,000) – In-progress
  • Stage 3 : repairs to compound wall, painting of kovil and wall :  $2,770 (Rs.2,05,000) – In-progress

Sri Mariamman Kovil in Kavaravatty, neighboring Nagainallur, is also known to be about 700-800 years old. A recent prashnam of the kovil revealed that the festivities for this amman used to be celebrated along with the above Perumal. The presiding ambal ( goddess ) is currently being worshipped inside a thatched enclosure. The walls, ceilings and pillars are barely holding up. A walk around this devalaya exposes the crumbling and broken gopurams with outer walls that need replacement.

This kovil will be renovated in three stages by local shilp-s who are trained in the art of temple architecture. The total cost of this renovation is estimated to be $80,000 ( Rs. 56,00,500 )

  • Stage 1 : karuvarai and gopuram, $60,021 ( Rs.42,01,500 ) – awaiting funds
  • Stage 2 : maha mandapam and salai gopuram , $24,325 ( Rs.17,02,805 ) – awaiting funds
  • Stage 3 : compound wall, bathroom, $7,438 ( Rs. 5,20,670 ) – awaiting funds

Please participate in this kovil kainkaryam by donating as well as by sharing this information with your friends and family.

How to Donate for Kovil Kainkaryam?

For more details about the two kovil projects please visit bit.ly/kgpftempleproject

Tax-deductible donations in the US can be made at bit.ly/templerestoration

1. Zelle : donations@kgpfoundation.org (please mention Nagainallur in comments)
2. Checks : can be written in favor of “Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation” and sent to 6616 Majestic Way, Carpentersville, IL 60110 (please mention Nagainallur in comments)
3. Benevity : Kanchi GuruParampara Foundation ( please mention General Support in comments)
4. PayPal : Donate to Kanchi GuruParampara Foundation ( please mention Nagainallur in comments )
5. Fidelity : Donate to Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation ( please mention Nagainallur in comments)
Tax-deductible donations in India can be made to:

Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Kattuputhur
IFSC Code: LAVB0000364
Account Name:Venkitasubramaniyan Educational Trust
Account Number : 0364387000000014

For more information please contact Smt. Archana Sunil at nagainallur21@gmail.com

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

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