Rare photo of Sri Pradosham Mama and mami

Thanks to Sri Ganesh Parthasarathy for this wonderful share. It is unclear to me who is sitting on the floor – I see dhandam but it looks like a statue….Not sure what I am looking at.

Namaskaram to mama and mami for teaching us all what Periyava bakthi is!

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  1. Wow Wonderful. I have been wanting to get a darshan of Shri Pradosham Mama and Mami for years. Ananthakoti namaskarams to those who shared and who posted.

  2. That is Sri Sri Sri Adhi Shankar Bhagavad Pathal made on Sandal. Still we can have Dharshan of Sri Sri Sri Adhi Shankar Bhagavad Pathal in Bharamshri Pradosha Mama House/Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava Koil .

  3. That could be darbhasthambam for the kumbha avahanam – Varuna Japan?

  4. Superb. Treasure indeed.

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