Looking for volunteers in US to help KGF

All –

As you are aware Kanchi Guruparampara Foundation (KGF) has been doing several kainkaryas with all your help. As years pass, our activities and the donor base is also increasing. We are at a point where I need few volunteers to help us with book-keeping. We are not seeking any serious accounting/financial experience. As long as you have familiarity with bookkeeping as a concept, then we can certainly take your help. I am not expecting few hours/week to clear out transactions on a regular basis. If you have worked on QuickBooks tool, which is our accounting tool, then it is absolutely fantastic!!

Right now, I am drowned in the huge pile of transactions and trying to clear out.

Please email me at sageofkanchi@protonmail.com if you are interested.

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  1. currently i am @ Tirupati taking care ofMatam and Matam’s new OPD. if you think i can do it remotely, I am happy to do it. only thing i would need to know local laws specially with regards to sales tax etc.

  2. I don’t know quickbooks but if its not hard to learn, i can help. Please let us know. Thanks

  3. Can this be done remotely from other place ?

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