Nithya Avahanthi Homam – 400th day

I did not know that Sri Sriram Raju has taken up an initiative to do nithya avahanthi homam in different patasalas until recently I saw in FB and apparently few days back they reached the 400th day milestone! This yagna is still going on….It doesn’t surprise any of us that Sriram is doing this knowing his passion for agnihotris and patasalas etc.

Sriram – Humble vandhanam to you for this fantastic task you have taken up. With Swami and Ambal’s blessings you will reach the intended completion target successfully.

Veda mata and Mahaperiyava will shower their blessings on Sriram and family..


*17 07 2021 – Nithya Avahanti Homam – 400th Day*

*Mahaperiyavaa Anugrahathudan Sri Periyavaa Anugrahathudan Today’s Avahanti Homam was performed at the below mentioned Veda Gurukulam*
*Sri Karpagambal Veda Gurukulam, Mylapore*
*Krishna Yajur Vedam*
*Adhyapakar : – Vedabhashya Ratnam Brahmashri Kannan Ghanapatigal.(Phd Yajurveda )*
*Padasala Address: – Sri Madhava Vilas, Plot no F1, Door No 42/26, Madhava Perumal Koil Street, Mylaore, Chennai – 600004*
*Contact no: – 9841400720/ 8610045795*
*We pray Mahaswamigal to grant all these Veda Gurukulam/ Patasaalas the boon of more and more Veda Vidhyarthees. We also pray to Mahaswamigal to shower his blessings to existing students of various Gurukulam/Veda Patasalaas to return to their respective patasaalas and continue their studies.*
*Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara*


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