Sengalipuram Brahmasri Anantharama Dikshitar’s Janma Dhina

Thanks to Ajay Srivatsava for FB share. Dikshitar was truly a great soul/mahan and have inspired many thousands of people to transform into spiritual path and advance in it. I have listened to several of his discourses – my favorite was Devi Bagavatham! Our namaskaram to him on this great day! Here are some rare photos of Dikshitar.


He was a living encyclopedia of Sanatana dharma/Hinduism. With his deep knowledge in all scriptures, impeccable fluency and humour he regaled his listeners all time.His enchanting, enrapturing, breathless discourses made his audience transfixed. An avalanche of slokas set with beautiful melody fascinated even the comman man.His words had emotions and induced the same on the hearts of his crowd. He emphasized on all the three aspects of Sanatana dharma namely Karma, bhakthi and gyaana.. Stalwarts like Dr. Radhakrishnan, Rajaji, Kalki Sadashivam, Smt. MS Subulakshmi, GN. Balasubramaniam, etc were the first row fans of Dhikshithar. He has also composed numerous slokas on various deities. He wrote commentaries and translated many scriptures like Sundarakandam, Skaandha puranam, Narayaneeyam, Jayamangala stotram are treasures.Chosen voice by the Lord to propagate Narayaneeyam. A preacher who never failed to practice his svadharma. He took sanyas in the later stage of his life. Pranams at the lotus feet of Sri Anantharama Dheekshithar to bless all of us with clarity in mind and purity with heart🙏

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  1. It is right next to Chinna Thirupathi Perumal temple .
    R. Sivasankaran

  2. Namaste🙏 Can someone please help me to know where is Sri Deekshidar’s adistanam?

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