Daily 15 mts Deivathin Kural Reading Session

Following is the cut and paste of Sri Krishnakumar’s email to me. I have given his contact info down below. Pl contact him for more details.


।। श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः।।
जय जय शङ्कर। हर हर शङ्कर।।
आदि शङ्कर। अद्वैत शङ्कर।।
வாயினால் உன்னைப் பரவிடும் அடியார் படுதுயர் களையாய் பாசுபதா பரஞ்சுடரே!

பிரதோஷ பெரியவா ஶரணம்!

It was with the parama kArunyA anugrahams of our Paramathma, the Pratyaksha Adishankara Bhagavathpada, Bhagavan Yogamurthi Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava and the paripoorana ashirwadams of His Meela Adimai Brahmasri Pradosham Mama, the 64th Nayanmar as referred by our Pratyaksha Parameshwara Himself, the daily reading of Deivaththin Kural of this “Naayirkkadaiyen” was casually recorded one night (it was Sri Somaasi Nayanmar’s Charitram as beautifully explained by our Paramathma in 5th Volume of Deivaththin Kural) and shared with our Shri Krishna Kumar and few other Adiyaars of our Meela Adimai, an unexpected divine instruction came back asking to initiate such an activity on a daily basis, nobody expected that this “patana – shravana yagnya” would continue like this (of course, got interrupted for more than a week due to some obvious reasons) but all His bountiful blessings only!

It was on 29th May, 2020, this whatsapp group was created by Shri Krishna Kumar with the following message:

“@Ganeshkan cel Will Read Daily Deivathin Kural sequentially for 10-15 mins and share the audio here. Any suggestions can be given to him directly on this. This will be a Admin Only Message Group. Thank You All for joining as part of this.

It is also worth recollecting the first message of this Naayirkkadaiyen summarising as a sort of a very macro modus operandi of this proposed kainkarya along with that first Patanam of Sri Chandrasekaramrutham – “SCA-1_Volume V_Guru – “Easanum Aasanum” (Page 205-208 & 215-228)” as below:

Koti Vandanangal to the Lotus Feet of our Paramathma Sri Sri Sri Mahaperiyava and His Meela Adimai Brahmasri Pradosham Mama! Namaskarams to Learned here!

With His bountiful blessings, while it is in practice of doing some research for the relevance of each day, typing and posting the excerpts from His Divya Upadesams (Deivaththin Kural, Voice of God, Acharya’s Call, from the books of Shri Ra Ganapathi, Shri Bharanidharan etc.) say a few paras for more than a year in my FB page as well as in my whatsapp status (titled as Sri Chandrasekaramrutham) and also in practice of reading in the form of Parayanam regularly especially during this lockdown but honestly not had the courage of recording (rather not attempted to think) and sharing at all!

It was because of this critical times, since end March, few of our like minded people, with His divine directions, decided to do Japam, Parayanam & Naama Sankeerthanam (Sahasra Gayathri, Sahasranamam, Sri Rudram, Thevara/Thiruvasagam, Various Stotrams etc.) daily for lOkakshEmam with specific sankalpam (announced by Sri Veda Dharma Shastra Paripalana Sabha) and also record atleast one stotra or padhigam and share amongst us.

In the above lines, I am sure, it was His divine intervention that some inner thought mooted me to read and record an excerpt from Deivaththin Kural of Sri Somaaaimaara Nayanmar charitram yesterday as it was his Thirunakshatram (Guru Poojai/Aradhanai) and boldly decided to read, record and posted the same among my satsang friends.

After this process, when I actually listened to it patiently and deeply, it has clearly revealed the sookshma in connection with our personal life linking with Paramathma thru Brahmasri Pradosham Mama [the relevance that triggered to me is posted below for all of your reading] and hence decided to share this in our Unchavruti Group. This had now made our Krishna to think and ask me if this kainkaryam be continued regularly which am sure is His “Divine Play” only.

Let me humbly consider our Krishna’s above request as if that of our Brahmasri Pradosham Mama’s and attempt to take it up.

The key modus operandi that I had decided to frame for myself as below (of course everyone of you are free to share your opinions/suggestions/feedbacks) to start with:

  1. The duration not to exceed 10 minutes.
  2. It won’t be sequential or continuous unless a topic read is a bit lengthy and need to be divided into parts
  3. To the maximum extent, let me attempt that the daily topics would have some connection for the day (like on a Guruvaaram, topic on Guru, on a Chaturthi on Ganapathi etc.)
  4. With His anugraha, will attempt to post the recorded reading preferably in the evenings, definitely before end of day.
  5. While every attempt would be made to post on a daily basis, if misses because of obvious reasons, will attempt to compensate the miss-out in the succeeding days.

Pradosha Shankara Pratyaksha Shankara!

Now that, 337 episodes (literally days) have crossed, it is felt that a divine intervention has again happening in the form of one Shri Ramani Viswanath (a member of our Pradosha Periyava Satsangam), who had done the audio version of “Thandhadhu Un Thannai; Kondadhu En Thannai”, the life experiences of Brahmasri Pradosham Mama, has passionately and silently taken up this herculean task of converting these daily “Amrutams” into video format and created a YouTube Channel exclusively for this “patana – shravana yagnya” of this greatest divine treasure of this modern world for the benefit of every Periyava Bhaktas and in fact, every Sanathana Dharmees!

On this auspicious Shri Adishankara Bhagavathpada’s 2531st Avathaara Jayanthi (Vaishaka Shukla Panchami, Somavaasaram, 17th May, 2021) shubha dinam, here’s Shri Ramani Viswanath’s words in a bit elaborate manner to you all for all our benefits…👇

Pradosha Shankara! Pratyaksha Shankara!

****************************Details of the Youtube Channel******************

Namaskarams All!

Pradhosha Periyava Sharanam!

In the interest of taking Deivathin Kural to a wider audience, all the audios which were shared in this group till the day before yesterday, are converted as videos and is made available in YouTube as a Channel. We can access it by clicking the below link:


The purpose of this YouTube Channelhannel is available in the “About” section, which I request everyone to read and let know your thoughts.

You can access the same by clicking the below link:


Separate playlists are created for each chapter and is named appropriately.

Playlists: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSgAHIQrCa131oAS5plXTPQ/playlists

Due to operational difficulties, this channel is updated on weekly basis. Please do subscribe the channel and click the bell icon to get notified for new uploads. Also do share this information to your known circle and help in spreading the divine words (Amruta Bhaashanam) of our Paramathma!

Pradhosha Periyava Sharanam!🙏

Please contact Sri Krishnakumar at krishna_kumar73@yahoo.com for WhatsApp group details etc

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