A Cliffhanger Rescue Followed By ??

Trapped Rishabam Rescue

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Few days back we rescued a rishabam that had fallen into a large drainage channel at Thaalaakkulam, Madurai. No one seems to know how it ended up there, but looks like it had been abandoned and stranded there for quite some time. We coordinated with our contacts in the area and formed a team, engaged fire service personnel and after a lot of effort, managed to lift the rishabam out carefully using ropes. It had a few minor injuries on its legs and was under observation at the animal husbandry premises at Madurai when something unexpected happened. What was that? I know I still have not posted the answer to the previous quiz but the answers for both are the same. Pictures below. Rama Rama

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