Srividya Mahayagam – Chicago – May 27-30, 2021

On behalf of Guhanandamandali, I am pleased to share that a Srividya Mahayagam will be conducted for 4 days in Chicago for Loka Kshema. This is an annual event that Guhananda Mandali, Chicago conducts. In the past years also similar rare events were conducted around May month with an exception of 2020 – a badly hit Covid year.

Venue – Pancha muka Anjaneyar Temple, Aurora, IL

Dates – May 27 – 30th, 2021

As part of this yagnam, several thousands of japams, avarana puja and homam will be offered to five devatas of Lalitha – Ganapathi, Bala Tripurasundari, Raja Mathangi, Maha Varahi and Lalitha Tripurasundari. Sri Prakshanandanathar will be conducting this yagna and few others will be doing along with him. This is a very rare event and a very elaborate one too.  Doing this yagna even in India is hard due to the nuances and doing it here in North America with purna diksha sishyas are something very hard to imagine and it is nothing but the anugrahams of Lalitha Herself and guru mandala aseervathams.

Due to current pandemic this event is restricted only to the upasakas (his sishyas, who all are vaccinated). Others who want to come and witness this event are welcome (if they are vaccinated) and are requested to comment here in this post with your contact info. Please bring your mask even if you are vaccinated.

I am exploring video streaming of this event – will share details once they are finalized.

Aum Sri Matrey Namaha!


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  1. No contributions are needed. Also when we say “Sarva janAn” in sankalpam, that includes all of us, right? On the video, I am working on it…Will share if I have more info.


  3. where is guhananda mandali in chennai? any contact details like phone/mobile number?

  4. Thank you. If you could arrange if possible for video it would be help people like me not in Chicago .

    Is there way to give our names/ gothra for sankalpam and a way to contribute in meagre ways we can?

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