Mahaperiyava drawing by Mahesh

I have shared Mahesh’s drawings in the past. His father Sri AR Subramanian has been teaching him the drawing style and so far Mahesh has drawn several drawings of Mahaperiyava. This is the recent one I saw in FB. Simply brilliant! So talented he is!!!

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  1. Awesome art work. Love the shades and strokes. So blessed. Paripoorna anugrahaham of Mahaperiyava. Keep up the great work. Mahaperiyava saranam

  2. Wonderful piece of Art. Mahaperiyavaa is right in front of us in this sketch. Mahaperiyavaa Anugraham is in this work. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara!!

  3. Excellent sketch

  4. Beautiful drawing of Periyava!

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara…

  5. can u send sivasahasranamam in lingapuranam sanskrit lyrics in pdf format in namavali format to do archana . that is said by lord krishna by offering lotus flower to siva to get sudarsana chakra. i want only in namavali format. or please where to get the book in namavali format. pl do the help sir. and some 9 years before u appreciated one siva kudumba picture drawing by umesh sir. and if that print out available can u please send to me to keep it in my pooja room and to do nithya pooja. sorry for the disturbance sir.

  6. Thath roopam, means exactly as it is, this drawing speaks…Commendable…

  7. Superb work
    It doesn’t look like drawing
    It looks like xerox copy of a photo
    It is very bright and natural
    Ellam Mahaperiyava anugraham

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